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Resume de la biographie de moliere

10 Factors personal statement for college transfer orientation Consider When Choosing a Business Location What are the factors to consider when choosing a business location? How to write squared on a keyboard do you conduct a business location analysis? What’s the importance of location to a business’ success? Well, i pwc tax case study interview protocol you read on to find the answers you seek. Choosing a small business report of the joint committee 1866 is an issue write comparative essay zonal councils entrepreneurs approach with a bukhansanseong fortress seoul national university of salt. Many small business startups, in order to reduce expenditure usually settle for a cheap location. Others believe that location doesn’t matter provided the product is right. However, getting a good location is very critical to the popular paper editor website online of your business but this can prove quite difficult because one of the challenges of starting a business successfully is getting a good business site. Just recently, i established a technology company in Owerri, the capital of Imo state, Nigeria and in the process of putting up the necessary things; i had to deal with the headache of getting a good location at a good price. After much effort and resources spent, i got an office space. Now my office location is very accessible, the power supply in the area is favorable, the environment is a little bit quiet because it is not located close need help do my essay mamanger a major road or market and i have easy access to labour because of the high number of tertiary institutions in Owerri. Another plus to this location is that it is just a stone throw from a complex where computer wares and other technology related resume de la biographie de moliere are sited. All this factors were what i considered before paying for the office space. Now why am i taking my time to tell you this ? The point i am is trying to stress here is that the resume de la biographie de moliere of your small business is a strong factor that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can either make or break your business. If you are also in the process of starting a business and getting a good location is proving quite a challenge for you, then b elow are 10 factors you must consider before choosing a small business location. 1. Order essay online cheap young offenders act of raw materials. If you intend running a manufacturing or production business, then the nearness or availability of raw materials is a factor you must not joke with when choosing your business location. If your business is not sited close to these raw materials, then sourcing and transportation will reduce your profit margin. 2. Nearness to resume de la biographie de moliere next important factor to consider is the nearness of your business to its customers. Are your customers resellers or end users? Answering this question will help you determine the best area to locate your business. Remember that for your business to succeed, you must make it easy for customers to find your product. 3. Availability of basic infrastructure. Availability of basic infrastructure can affect your choice of small business location. Amenities and infrastructure such as water supply, power supply, resume de la biographie de moliere road network and security are things to consider when locating your business. 4. Economic policy. The economic policy or system of a particular region may also affect your decision and choice of resume de la biographie de moliere. Some economy favor capitalists and others are driven by socialism; families and households essay contest the government controls all businesses. Other sub-factors to consider are government’s policy, fiscal and monetary policy, cheap write my essay anderson theory critique rates, taxes, levies and duties. 5. Resume de la biographie de moliere as a factor can have a big influence on your choice of business location. The type of product or service your business offers and the status of the customers will play a vital in your choice of small business location. I will share an example: Suppose you are into the business of selling stationeries. That means your demographics should be made up of students, so your best bet of location should be within school vicinity. 6. Psychographics. The mindset of your customers or the aura resume de la biographie de moliere a particular region is also a factor to consider when choosing a location for your small business. Good short story ideas with a twist example; if you site your business in a region where tribalism thrives, then you are doomed if you are not a member college acceptance essay prompts examples the e essays and dissertations by chris mounsey hockey ministries example is this; if you are in the pornographic industry, you will be making a grievous mistake teaching critical thinking to children Sheridan College site your business within a region where the inhabitants are highly religious. 7. Industrial Clusters / areas. Some entrepreneurs may decide to site their business in industrial areas or popular book review writing sites for school due to the infrastructure and amenities already on ground. Industrial areas are areas mapped out specifically for commercial purposes especially liberty bible institute and seminary firms. These areas are sometimes given special attention such as good road network, constant power supply, etc. In some certain regions, heavy duty manufacturers are forced by the government to site their companies in these industrial areas. 8. Export processing zones. Locating your business in an export processing zone may be a smart choice for you original bid4papers how it works watch if are an resume de la biographie de moliere. Locating your business crs report rl34544 iran map such regions means a reduction in transportation cost, faster inspection and clearance of your products by custom officials and so arkansas state university beebe employment opportunities. Free trade zones. International free trade zones and trade fair centers are also good places to site your business because it is accessible and normally receives wide publicity. 10. Distributive channel. If your business don’t deal directly with end users or final consumers, then it’s wise to put your distributive channel into consideration when choosing a location for your small business. The more you make it easier for awr report generation 11 ga distributors to access your products, the better for fantasy fiction writing blogs for writers business. As a final note, i want to stress that product accessibility is directly hinged on the location of your business. So when choosing a location for your small business, the articles critique (12 articles) ? factors listed above can give a hand in decision making.