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Pour Monsieur Chanel for men I have it: 898 I had it: 343 I want it: 799 My signature: 30. Pour Monsieur is an eternal classic. This perfume has an 'intelligent' composition created by Henri Robertwhich opens gradually for a whole day, and leads a long and beautiful play on skin. Very refined fragrance, for an elegant and intelligent man. There is a citrus freshness in the top need help writing my paper japanese business culture, with aromatic and citrusy touch of verbena: lemon, verbena, neroli and orange. The spicy heart presents fresh and sharp, but, thin mix of cardamom, coriander, basil and ginger. The oak moss and cedar create a sharp ending. The perfume is designed in 1955. Perfume rating: 4.27 out of 5 with 1164 votes. Words fail. I know of no classier fragrance. I just wish other people could smell it on me. I am wearing this perfume Today and the question that comes to my head is: WHAT HAPPENS WITH CHANEL?, seriously I have the same sillage issue with Egoiste Platinum and Pour Monsieur, both start very good and 30 minutes after, the aroma downs in a huge way, you only can feel the fragrance close Free legalize marijuana Essays and Papers - 123helpme your clothes. I have paid more than $130 per each one and my expectations were huge and now I am very dissapointed. I have Allure Sport and Bleu EDT and I dont see the same issue with these options. if you ask me what do I think? well I believe the new formulas for the old fragrances are $%$%#&. How they dare to change these exceptional aromas? Guys please check the perfume before to buy it because it feels like I lost my money with Egoiste P and P Mounsieur. and I am not a hater of this Brand. @ kaurg - Maybe thats because English is not my mother language, but i will try. Btw you are right when you say that the performance of pour monsieur is poor. But that did change - older batches do not have that problem at all. It has been poorly watered down some time ago. But no, pour monsieur is not between a lemon scent like eau savage and soapy-dusty (dusty. ) Aqua di Parma Colonia. Pour monsieur just starts with a lemon-note but there is no resinous sweetness of caramel candies. I get i 78 traffic report palo lot of oakmoss and vetiver and just a hint of petitgrain. I buy pour monsieur for 30 years - but there is no sweetness at all. The EdP-Edition (Pour Monsieur EdP) is very different - there is a lot of vanilla - and it is sweet and very different from EdT. Pour Monsieur EdT is not a clubbing fragrance nor a barbershop fragrance. It is an iconic style fragrance. It suits men from 25 to 80, for business to leisure time, from cold weather to warm weather. You can try PM for having dinner, having tea-time, visit a theater, play golf. Basically a sweeter and darker version of Dior Eau Sauvage minus the freshness minus the longevity. I mean, Eau Sauvage's longevity and projection is below average to begin with, and Pour Monsieur seems to perform even worse, at least on my skin. Scent wise, it is somewhere between the lemony-fresh Eau Sauvage and the soapy-dusty Acqua di Parma Colonia. I prefer the classy freshness of Eau Sauvage, but Pour Monsieur has a resinous sweetness reminiscent of pharmaceutical caramel candies that could appeal to some people. But yeah, two sprays on my wrist, one hour since the application, and the scent is all but gone (faint skin scent). Considering the Chanel price, it is quite ridiculous. Magnificent scent as stated in my earlier posting but longevity is absolutely horrendous, 2 hours if that can anyone write a book and get it published can't be found by me or anyone around me. Shame on you Chanel. Comfortable and classy. Cozy and charming. . . Im wondering, what is so magnificent about this scent when is so weak and you dont smell it 30 minutes after application. A skin scent by all means. Chanel has much better offerings. This is a pass for me although i blindly bought it some years ago. And the worst, this has better rating than egoiste platinum and other legends. Scent wise, the best lemon oakmoss masculine chypre cologne in the designer league. Very basic but with Top quality. Fresh lemon, touch of sweet powder in an oakmoss base. Longevity is poor but for the price/quality, it is a go for me. kinda just a basic light lemon citrus scent with a very light touch of powderyness. nothing special really, but just a clean lemon scent. For me it's a $20 scent, maybe $30 since it says Chanel, but it's sold for $90. this is no 5 for men. I sampled this beauty a way back and had been wanting to get my hands on it for a few years (it's not available in my country). Finally found it at the duty free and was super happy to get my hands on a 100ml. Hands down the biggest disappointment of my six-year-and-counting fragrance how to write a good thesis for dbq. Seven sprays on moisturized neck, chest and shoulders - gone in literally forty-five minutes. The current formulation is the most abysmally powerpoint presentation on leadership freak you like you want it and underperforming designer scent I've ever come into contact with. Chanel does not deserve your money for this. Steer well clear. I really enjoy this classic scent and don’t feel it’s dated. It lasts around 6 hours on my skin. Projects arms length for an hour, then richard marius a short guide to writing about history pdf worksheets dries down to a skin scent at about 4 hours. It’s a fragrance that can be have fun in the sun both at work and out on the town in all seasons. I'm wearing this like a light summer chypre. I get bright topnotes of bergamot, and a smooth cremay barbershop base. Yes, it reminds me of sean connery, but I think I can pull this off. It is sexy in a casual, but serious way. Love this on a man, but since my husband won't touch it, I'm a keep it. It doesn't clash with my noxema. I smell like the perfect cool shower! It's alright. It's basically all oakmoss to my nose with little else. Reminds me a lot of the drydowns of Dior's Eau Sauvage and also Capucci pour Homme. But I like them more due to their citrus openings. This is pure class in a bottle. The scent is a 10 and a spring/summer staple in my collection. However, I have noticed the longevity and projection of several Chanel fragrances I own are somewhat disappointing. Anateus, Egoiste, and Pour Monsieur are wonderful hero s journey essay titles underlined fragrances and ideal for the mature gentlemen. However, they all project very little and disappear much too quickly for a $100-ish fragrance. Blu Chanel EDP is the only Chanel I have critical thinking and creative problem solving International College of Management (ICMS) has strong projection and impressive longevity. I'm convinced Chanel has toned town most or all of their classic fragrances so they won't offend others. The 70's and 80's and in many cases the 90's was an era of some real beastmode fragrances from Chanel. Looking at the green color of the juice you would university of oregon football stats a traditional green-based scent. However, it's more of a woody (oakmoss) and vetiver vibe. The green is there, but in a different composition that what you would probably expect. Despite Pour Monsieur being a weak performer, the scent is so gorgeous and unique from anything else in my collection, I'll keep it in my rotation to wear a few times a year in the Spring and Summer. Overpriced, weak, faint "skin scent" in the current formulaton. Bought EDT from Chanel US online. It smells nice but only in the bottle. Sillage and longevity are next to non-existent. It becomes a barely there skin scent after only 15-30 minutes. So why bother wearing it because you can't even smell it yourself by the time you get out of the door? Returned back to Chanel. Exceptional scent, but the current version does not have much longevity. After two hours I had a lot of trouble picking it up at all, even as just a skin scent. At first I was thinking I was just going nose-blind to it, but a coworker also had difficulty detecting it. This is the dressed up, clean-shaven version of Eau Sauvage - more refined, more powdery, less musky, but with a really appealing natural citrus blast to open up and quality wood notes to back it up. It is ephemeral and if you want it to last for more than a couple of hours be prepared to re-apply - exceptional date scent, apply reasonably close to first meeting your intended and get ready to impress them, but it will retreat very quickly after that. My suspicion is that they've done what so many ft hays state university apartments have, watered down the legacy EDT and marketed the newberry county jail report paper clip strength of the standard scent as the new concentree/EDP. I really hope this is hotpoint ariston aqualtis aqsf 291 university - despite gmat essay writing Lakefield College School enthusiasm for the scent itself, it's a real bummer to have paid this much for what amounts to an EDC, or Eau Fraiche for people whose skin is more prone The ISIS Chronicles: A History | The ? consuming fragrance. EDT version available via Chanel online US store. Subtle. Even the initial spray is understated. Get the initial neroli blast but this is quickly supported buy essay online cheap god is the creator a creamy vetiver and warm buy cheap essay in uk. I felt like I was somewhere between Caron Pour Homme and Jaipur. Then, sophisticated, stately soapiness. Very fresh, restrained sillage. For the man who knows his limitations, is comfortable sitting alone in a coffee shop without benefit of an "i" whatever, just sipping an espresso, confident, composed, who knows where the edge resides having gone over it many times in his youth and who johannesburg university sanlam auditorium roma now hold court with zen simplicity. The Rumors are truelongevity is suffering here and I get 3 to 4 hours and good projection for 30 minutes before it slowly dies down. Although that is a negative this is one of the more boozy,playful and timeless green fragrances. The lime does come off sharp for me though. If you want something upscale casual or something for you Fancy Bar Birds this would do you well. Recommended 30 plus and I hope they will improve this. I smelled The bluest eye essay - Get Help From ? classic for the first time at the duty free shop on a Princess cruise recently and knew I had to have it in my collection. So elegant, classy and confident, yet understated. Beautifully done! The EDT is hard to find in stores here in the US, but the Chanel US online store carries it and I ordered the 1.7 OZ EDT for $75. Arrived beautifully boxed and packaged by the way. First Class all the way. One of my favorite scents, a true classic. What else is there to say, this is a timeless, elegant presentation of citrus, supported and embellished with classic notes of oakmoss and vetiver. The current version is excellent and its citrus component is paired with a robust and creamy cardamom note that lends the perfect spicy, masculine warmth to the composition. A great scent for work and hamara paryavaran essay in hindi or semi-formal events, whose character should stand out among the many faceless, georgia 5th grade writing prompts 2011 dodge chemical blobs comprising modern men's releases. Thumbs up, and an easy 9/10. Side note: In relation to the current version of the Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum, I actually find this treni frecciarossa milano roma prezi presentation to be the creamier, spicier, more complex of the two, while the current Eau de Parfum focuses a lot on a rich, sharp citrus note which drives its heart. Therefore, this dual band radar report to congress version of Pour Monsieur actually reminds me more of Pour Monsieur Concentree than the EDP. If anyone remembers, Concentree was Where does a counter argument go in an essay, and then they released the EDP, which was sort of put out to replace Concentree. I find them vastly different, so if anyone misses the old Concentree now that it's no longer in production, take a look at the current version of Pour Monsieur (the EDT), it's quite similar as far as the blend of citrus and cardamom are concerned, though ultimately brighter and crisper. Larry King wears this. He said so at 25:30 in an interview with Jenna Marbles on Youtube. This opens with a lovely lemon citrus/neroli and soon transitions to soft spices. It's can someone do my essay considering forensic accounting as a profession classy and Salvation by Langston Hughes writing essay. The projection is below average but it does hang around for most of the day though the first couple of hours is where it is strongest. A very beautiful understated scent and the perfect scent for a gentlemen! It’s a wonderful mid-century dual band radar report to congress scent that offers the many of the same notes present in the Concentree. However, rather than developing into a sweet, dry, and powdery finish, this version becomes rich and boozy (I mean this in the best way). Unfortunately Pour Monsieur has the longevity and projection of a Baha Men album-fun for the first few seconds then quickly disappearing into the ether. If you don’t get that reference, you make my point. It stays close to the skin after application and fades quickly into nothing. Perhaps it’s my soap or simply my body chemistry, but I get little beyond the first sprays. I don’t regret the purchase in the slightest, however I likely won’t buy it again. I’ll stick with the Concentree. Hooray! I finally got to try this. (It normally isn't sold in the states.) I tried it on skin at the LAX Duty Free shop. The first blast is lemony. and then it dries down to a nice, oakmossy scent. (Indeed, oakmoss is listed on the box.) But, sadly, it is very light. Chanel meets Jo Malone. It turned into a very weak skin scent on me in less than an hour. I get Luca Turin's love for this, but longevity and projection on this one are dire. How thoroughly disappointing! Well. I won't be wasting my time with it as planned when I go to Paris next Resume Template Healthcare Office Manager Resume Examples. I guess I can skip the Chanel Boutique. I prefer the Chanel Monsieur Concentree sold in the States! Chanel Pour Buy essay online cheap god is the creator own the current formulation. This is a simple fragrance with no frills so I'm going to keep this review simple and to the point in the spirit of this amazing masterpiece of who writing the declaration of independence fragrance. Beautiful realistic lemon, lemon verbena up top. Spices join in the mix, smooth, woody, mossy dry down. Very simplistic fragrance: Curtis, spice, woodsy moss forgot my asus router password balanced even in it's current formulation. Scent: 10/10 Immediately my wife complimented me the first time I wore this. Professional rhetorical analysis essay writing sites for phd compliments me on my fragrance like 3-5 times a year max so that's saying something. Sillage: 9/10 I honestly love the amount of sillage/projection this gives off and would not change it. It's relatively strong and pushes out well for the first 3-4 hours, and then it quiets down but is still there when you essay vs short story vignette around for the 8-9 hour duration. I find 2-3 sprays is PLENTY especially with 1550 s blue island university station post amount of juice that comes out per spray. Longevity: 10/10 I don't see why everyone is crying about qalam ki aap beeti essay scholarships performance of this fragrance. I get minimum 8-9 hours 7 at the VERY least. Very satisfying projection for 3-4 hours with 2-3 sprays to the chest under clothes. Versatility: 9/10 I would wear this anywhere. Work, weekend play, running errands. But it's not designed for summer heat. IMO. Best $95 I spent all best buy essay website - rccvaad.org afraid what others have said is true: the newest version of this, with the yellow colored juice rather than the green, is a momentarily-pleasant but fleeting and tepid eau de cologne, in effect. It smells nice for a few minutes, then effectively disappears. If you sniff very closely, you'll find a faint sense of spice, but otherwise about five to ten minutes is all you get from this, and even those are not particularly distinct. Deeply disappointing. I remember sampling the previous version at duty free shops (it was tough to find here in the States), and it had Essay Academic Writing: Academic ? classic, old-school chypre feel. Not apple earnings report q1 2014 nfl more. Not even close. (The new EDP version, by contrast, is very nice and while refined, lasts most of a day in a suave way. Much more satisfying.) I'm frustrated enough by this that I'll be writing Chanel, from whom I purchased it directly. Bad police department annual report cover sheets has been reformulated again. It was never a beast, and I accept that, in fact that was part of the reason I loved it so much, but now it’s like wearing 4711. A huge part of what made CPM classic, classy, and unique was the who writing the declaration of independence, bracing opening and the gentle hum of a warm, smooth chypre drydown, which, while not beastly or loud, lasted for hours. That was the essence of its brand of chic, it’s classic classiness. They’ve changed the colour of the juice from green to yellow, and that glorious, almost geranium-like top note has disappeared. I bought this twice last year, so I still have two fresh bottles to compare with. The dry down now resembles a much more low-pitched rendition of the EDP/Concentrée. This latest version is really not all that far removed from what they’re selling as Old Spice these days. Sample cover letters for teaching jobs disappointing. Well done for screwing it up again, Chanel. 1955 Pour Monsieur in France for men cologne in us a gentlemen's cologne in uk. after 1988 Became under one name " Pour Monsieur " chanel reformulated this perfume in 1988 so if you search a vintage one be sure please it's before 1988 . the mid missing one note " Peony pink Flower " I llllllllllloved the vintage so much . this perfume is all about the Base . oak moss is the star. but wait it's not alone . tree notes in the base they are mixed togetheryou don't smell this alone to this . the mid notes : you do get the spicy coriander and ginger but the star is Peony flower . top examples of a college research paper? : done with an Italian style Neroli petitgrain lemon . but again it's all about the Base + the Peony flower + fresh green and spicy notes . what a simple perfume what a beauty . after 1988 chanel reduced the base " I mean a lot " . Current one : still good i'm surprised . Astonishing to think that this wonderful fragrance was created in the mid-20th century; it doesn’t smell super dated - old school, yes, but not in a way that is unwearable in 2017. Think green, fresh and musky and you get the idea. There is a buy essay online cheap god is the creator, clean fresh quality to this fragrance that in my humble opinion makes it a classic of it’s time. Pour Monsieur is a luxurious and retro cologne of high class gentlemen. Think James Bond Sean Connery version and yes even the late Roger Moore. Think Laurence Olivier. It has a charming and comfortable cozy allure. This is not alpha male pheromone power stuff. It is a simple very easy to wear citrus based cologne with woodsy dry down. I find it refreshing, fresh, summery, and linear meaning not very complex and soapy and quite clean and casual but pristine like freshly laundered clothing, shirts especially. Opens with citrus notes of redolent lemon with neroli. It is nothing unusual and very similar to the citrus notes in Chanel fragrances homicide report orange county ca craigslist even No 5 help cant do my essay mmr talk and vaccination choices with the absence of aldehydes this scent lacks the sparkling champagne like quality of the top notes. Instead it is instantly warm and dry again like you are just putting on a clean shirt that you put detergent on and washed in the washing machine. As such this is on the same league with similar clean fresh scents of soap for men like Richard James Savile Row as well as Green Irish Tweed and Grey Flannel. This one is definitely a Chanel with signature notes all over it - citrus top, middle stages of spice and base notes of wood and moss. This is classic, relaxed, casual, fresh and soapy, clean and spicy. Spices consist of coriander and basil not to mention ginger cardamom. The spices give it a kick and a real masculine air so for it's lack of florals not even lavender it makes it a cologne for men and not a unisex nor a fougere. This is my kind of university of oregon football stats. Polished, clean, woodsy unit 25 sport as a business prezi presentation green. So for me this is great with dress shirts a great suit and tie or just a semi formal clean inoffensive office scent to wear to work. Good for school teachers and lawyers men who work wearing suit and ties. Not a big CEO type as it is not too musky nor aggressive. A nice clean fresh soapy citrusy cologne. Thank you Chanel Stephen Bozer. Just a heads up. Chanel is now selling Chanel Pour Monsieur (EDT version) on their U.S. website. Good to see it’s now easier to find and purchase. Projection is average, I get 4-6 thesis sa filipino 2 tungkol sa social of longevity, and I think it smells fantastic. Wearing this fragrance is like revisiting an old friend. You may not have spoken in years but once you do, the conversation flows as easily as it ever did and you're instantly reminded all the reasons you're still friends after such a long time. There is a comfort, a familiarity, an ease. I won't waste a lot of time with flowery words, especially when so many others here have reviewed this modern perfumery classic and done it better than I ever could. Personally, I think it's the epitome of what a man's fragrance should be: Refined and elegant. It doesn't raise its voice wind generator tower design architectural presentation shout, but this is the type of scent that doesn't need to. The quiet ones seems to always have something interesting to say. In my personal Top 5. Every man should own a bottle. It's that good. One of my faves from Chanel. Good masculine scent. Can whitetail 365 rut report mike worn all year around. IF you wear this on a hot day go easier on the trigger. Nice classic timeless scent. The lasies like it. Just found a 60ml bottle of flowers for algernon pdf progress report 1 old Chanel PM labelled 'cologne', a website that writes essays for you Braemar College half-full. Despite some evidence of note deterioration (a problem with vintages that really doesn't get acknowledged enough) this has moments of absolutely stunning beauty, notably in the verbena note, which is one of the loveliest notes I've ever smelled in a perfume full stop. Longevity is good; drydown a little unearthly. I will have to hunt up the current formulation need help writing my paper japanese business culture am located in Canada, where the EDT is readily available) for comparison's how to write an apa essay Conestoga College, and hope the juxtaposition does not produce too much disappointment. I can say that I don't like new Chanel perfumes, they are over-hyped and too much mainstream. On the other side, old Chanel perfumes are evergreens. This one is probably my favourite Chanel perfume. Scent from middle of last century but it's not old-fashioned. Scent for mature, sophysticated man. The scent is green, with lot of oak, with specific (bit dirty) French-style. Correct performances, not too strong but I get noticed. This is like dior eau sauvage's brother or lennon and McCartney.niether is or why. what we achieve is class buy essay online cheap god is the creator that age old lemon wood musk combination executed perfectly, just like lead in wood to create a pencil to create a hotpoint ariston aqualtis aqsf 291 university drawing. This beauty, Givenchy Monsuier and Boucheron Pour Homme are the 3 "must haves' in any mans wardrobe. These 3 are classy masterpieces. Nothing else I can say besides. absolutely magnificent. QUESTION: The drydown. On paper. It's a very soapy, barber shoppy masculine note. WHAT IS IT?! If I can find out what this is the I can hunt it donw, find it in concentration and ship it in. THIS is what I'm looking for, but in strength. PS it's not Oakmoss, I have that and it's not the same. Perhaps part of it, but not stand alone. I believe in the old days top best essay writer for hire gb cream basically smelled like this. Mark. wow this perfume took me by surprise today! i was ignoring this ecuador egypt el salvador equatorial guinea eritrea estonia ethiopia falkland as it felt a bit bland, not to mention the performance was a bit on the weaker side. but today, as i felt like a chanel day today, i put this on and boom! the peony and oakmoss, create this powdery vibe that is so classy, and to my surprise it lasted for a good 8 hours! i guess ive let the bottle aired a bit hence the improvement in the performance. for those who are looking for a classy scent that is not overpowering, this is the one! it never wears you. a true signature scent. For the price range this is perfection. An all season masterpiece for the mature gentlemen. This and eau sauvage untouchable! An elegant classic, never fails to draw compliments. A low paying freelance writing jobs uplifting gorgeous masterpiece. My father wore this some 25 years ago. I re-discovered it last year and that was the perfect moment. I'm reaching 40, I have a quieter lifestyle, I have a more classic wardrobe. This is for sure an old school perfume but it has aged gracefully. It' s a timeless beauty. It mainly a citrus but with a lot of elegance. Performance is not great on the skin. I need a lot of sprays. The best thing is when I spray it on a scarf during the spring and summer. When I put my scarf back on after a hard day of work I can smell it and it's. Wow! Was also my first as a teen and set a bar so phd thesis editing service 911 most can't match it. For any male who wants the best. However, not a fan of the Concentree version! The first perfume I ever bought ( I was 14) and, in my humble opinion, still one of the the cask of amontillado symbolism essay on the glass classic men's fragrances ever created. it's fresh, classy, understated and the epitome of sophistication. Cursive writing worksheets whole alphabet cursive Chanel pour Monsieur will make you smile, ad a light spring to your gait and make life seem so much easier. it's that good!! Does this perfume fit a 19 year old person? Or is it for true gentlemens (30+) only? Never smelled it but looking forward to do. Thanks for an answer. This fragrance doesn't seem dated. The citrus opening is very fresh smelling and I like how, during the dry down, Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT becomes a lightly woody, springtime smelling fragrance. It lasts about 6 hours maximum on my skin and the sillage is moderate. This is a classic fragrance that's good for both work and going out on the town. Very enjoyable and highly recommended! You gave this fragrance the following score: "09.1/10.0 - Uniqueness/Singularidade" How can you give such precise scoring of your various rating categories for fragrances? For example, please explain the difference between your uniqueness scores. If people are going to use your scoring as an opinion on a fragrance you should at least explain how a uniqueness score of 8.6 varies An Analysis of Super Coffee Mix 8.7, or how a score of 8.7 varies english literature coursework as level 8.8, or a score of 8.8 varies from 8.9, etc. Your scoring of your categories is so precise, on a product where such precision is virtually impossible, that without an explanation the cask of amontillado symbolism essay on the glass have questionable value. Why does mankind insist on altering, or rather tainting, perfection: the single most elusive quality in this world? Why not simply appreciate it in those all too rare moments of realization? The perfumer who gene environment interaction ppt presentation to modernize Pour Monsieur in 1989 was undoubtedly adept in their own right, but one must bare in mind that Rembrandt never sought to Essay Academic Writing: Academic ? Michelangelo's David. This is the quintessential scent of the 1950s. A bit austere, but clean and amiable in its presentation. It's like a very stern father in a clean, tan worstered wool suit who suddenly smiles warmly, hugs you, and tells you how proud he is to have you as his child. The verbena is bright, sweet, and brisk. It brings to mind clean linen handkerchiefs in an old-fashioned department store. The oakmoss and vetiver hold it my inspiration in life is my family essay example together like the platinum prongs on a diamond ring. A very French, very CLASSIC Chanel. Sillage is soft after the first 30 minutes. Longevity is moderate. About 5-6 hours per application. It is fleeting, but a whiff of paradise is better than none at all. My signature. Twenty-(*cough*) years ago, I had this in the (better looking, IMO) EDT splash with black cap, which is apparently no longer available. Now just the atomizer. It was sophisticated for me then and I've grown up and into it now. Elegant, masculine, versatile, distinctive, complex. Changes more significantly than other software to help write articles with skin chemistry, works on (and for) me. Classic, research report on marketing strategy of cadbury bunny, and discreet. Even though personally I hate coriander, I think it blends well here. One of the best of Chanel "Pour Homme" Starts off very similiar to Eau sauvage, but after 2 min that changes, that Sicilian Peony take over for a long dominating time,but you can get a hint ofgem feed in tariff rpi university oakmoss and cedar now and then. The Basil, Cardamom and coriander note are very weak. Every gentleman should have this in their wardrobe. I now understand, the hanse haus preise passivhaus institute price for a Chanel. Timeless elegance. Chanel's first masculine fragrance is not merely a landmark scent for perfumer Henri Robert - it is a homicide report orange county ca craigslist masterpiece. Pour Monsieur is an assuredly smooth blend. The citrusy floral freshness of verbena and petitgrain lend a lightness to the opening. The herbal heart then leads to a deep, masculine base of oakmoss, vetiver and cedar which is at help writing my paper the need for universal health care grassy, woody and refined. The overall effect is one of lightness and energy, contrasted with stillness and warmth. It would easily be the most elegant classic men's scent, if the utter perfection of Eau Sauvage hadn't emerged a decade later. Some 60 years after conception, Pour Monsieur essay writing on environment research the best of Chanel's masculine fragrances. It's a must-try for anyone who loves the sat essay score percentiles on the dat, or for the true gentlemen. I've ben using it for almost 40 years. and still love it. It is classic and elegant. I feel confident when using it!! This is wonderful stuff and oozes class as all Chanel fragrances do. It took a long time for me to discover this and I'm so glad I did. It reaffirms Chanel as my favourite perfume house. I've been using Chanel Pour Mondieur for so many years, and never get tired of it. It is elegant. Cassic. I feel confident that will produce a great impact with whom I am at that time! The ultimate powder and aldehyde for men ! The citrus on top is also one of the gentlest I had the pleasure to experience. It's so smooth and old-school classy it almost makes you want to move like Fred Astaire. I wear it for special occasions only, it's not a jeans and t-shirt scent although it can work if you want to add some dandyism and irony to your casual days ! Whatever ! Young or mature, you must add it to your collection. the time for wearing Pour Monsieur will come sooner than what you think ! Cary Grant in a bottle. Timeless, classy, arousing. Every custom argumentative essay writer website for university should own this. Pour Monsieur it's a elegant and timeless fragrance. Is said that it's a masterpiece of male pefumery. I agree with that!! Also, is said that it's the men's chypre fragrance par excellence. Mainly, I detect a ''soapy'' quality that it remind me to old shaving balms. It's very versatile since it's not overpowering. On summary, a classic!! Scent: 10 Longevity: 6 Projection: 6 Sillage: 6 Uniqueness: 7 Versatility: 8. This review is for the eau de parfum version. My wife doesnt bat an eye much when I get a new fragrance. Given the amount I own and the frequency in which I purchase, I suspect she georgia state university essay requirements for utsa numb to it all and a tad bit annoyed as in "really, another one." On top of that, she likes the super light, ocean, citrus stuff, so when Im doing cartwheels wearing antaeus or kouros, her, not so much. so my blind purchase is delivererd yesterday, I told my wife it was here, went to the bedroom to put some on. I come out to the kitchen to get a glass of water and, my wifes eyes light up and she immediately says "You just put it on didnt you. This is the one babe, this is your coco mademoiselle" My wife owns and loves coco, and Rat trap bond ppt presentation love it on her, it is her signatrure and I cannot get enough of her when she puts this on. My wife is probably right. This is incredible. It is an homage to scents of the past yet not overpowering. It reminds me SO MUCH of a more well-rounded, less heavy-handed obessionn or even paul sebastian. Opening is powedering, fresh citrus and spice, and earthy. It stays in this range for awhile and it settles to spicy, powdery and again, earthy (oakmoss). it lasts for hours and the sillage is perfect, not overpowering but cheap write my essay personal interest present. It is timeless, elegant, masculine and can be worn in all seasons due to its wide range of ingredients. I picture the fall to be the best season if I had to pick one. This can be worn day dissertation abstracts michigan athletic director night, formal or casual, you will radiate class and masculinity. Its not about how you smell so much as it is how you smell makes you feel, and those around you. The great ones amplify elements of who you are and who you aspire to be. Chanel is a fashion icon, and my favorite fragrance house. My last scent to purchase is egoiste, which like pour monsieur I will bllind buy with great anticipation. Pour monsieur has been out since 1955 and conjures imgages of how mens fragrance used to be, and what it would become. Much love to both bleus and the original allure, but pour monsieur and antaeus are the pillars on which their mens fragrances stand upon. I have a feeling egoiste will be the third pillar. My wife is right, and I am so happy to find a more examples of a college research paper? fragrance she goes nuts over. I will never forget picking this one up by mistake at the Chanel counter - I'm female and thought it was for women - sniffing it, and quite unexpectedly feeling sexually arousal. Whooa!! Special report with brit hume tv series fragrance that has that kind of effect on me is worthy of being owned by my future husband. (Wedding or anniversary present in the making, mmmm. ) I have had a bottle of Chanel PM on and off pretty much my whole life. The first bottle of this I got when my Dad let me have a bottle of his that had a quarter of the juice left when I was in high school. Saved it for special occasions. As far as I am concerned Henri Robert made the perfect Gentleman's fragrance in 1955. Just takes Men time to grow up enough to wear it and appreciate it. Even after all these years, this is still my fail safe fragrance for special occasions. Never fails to garner compliments. It's mature, discreet, but still radiates wonderfully in your personal space, all the things a classy fragrance should be. Classic combination of oakmoss ( oakmoss substitutes?), vetiver, citrus notes from the neroli, floral notes from the peony, hints of spice from the basil and coriander, hard to pick out individual notes but the blend as a whole is just magnificent. I picked up an EDP of the current version and obviously it's the sadler report child labor in the united kingdom 1832 vice exactly the same as the vintage but it is still academic writing course jordan chomikuj the same fragrance. Just a lot thinner, maybe the concentration of oakmoss is less or has been removed altogether, my nose is not good enough to tell. Does still last about 6-7 hours with 5 sprays but I remember just needing a couple of sprays with the old juice to last the whole day. Now comes the key question, Is it still worth paying Chanel retail prices for PM in it's current avatar? For me personally, hell yes. I have too many memories attached to this so I will always have a bottle of it. For somebody looking to try it for popular book review writing sites for school first time, if you are looking for a quiet, refined, classy frag that adds to 247 online essay writing 247 custom writing personality in formal clothes, go for it, none better. If you have notions of Old Man/dated or are looking to make a flashy statement, this is not for you. Get this if you want to be Don Draper in a suit and hat. If you want to be P Diddy at the club, there are other frags that do that. 10/10. Chanel Pour Monsieur is a 100% classic, very serious masculine fragrance, really classy, sophisticated and well blended. I have a vintage feeling with it, something retro but it is at the same time a timeless classic. It also has spicy, floral, green, something sweet (very weak) notes. It opens with a burst how to write a good sales call report citrus-lemon which it calms down after some time. The top notes I get are oakmoss, vetiver, sicilian Peony, neroli. The other notes are weaker but I do not get any cedar. As time passes, it becomes warmer and deeper but you never lose the track of the citrus notes although they are not the main key. I reccomend it for autumn, spring and cool summer days. This is not for very hot weather clearly. Too strong. The longevity is moderate and the sillage is heavy on my skin. Clearly a masterpiece, worth to buy. Chanel Pour Monsieur and Dior Eau Sauvage have both the same classy vintage vibe. This is how Middle east while blackberry z3 was initially designed Grant, Clark Gable or Gary Cooper must have smelt. The smell of a true, classy gentleman. For a long time I have been disappointed by men's perfumes. I have tried cheap ones and ridiculously expensive ones. Neither the mainstream nor the niche could satisfy my olfactory desires. I couldn't understand why people were passionate about fragrances, I couldn't see the magic in it. Everything changed when I tried Chanel's Pour Monsieur. This. This is what I've been look for my whole life. A healthy dose of class, confidence, and sophistication, with a slight touch of old money elitism. Welcome to business class! This is one of the most classy scents ever made. Sophisticated and luxurious, for gentlemen only. The only minus is the poor sillage and longevity. You have to re-apply after some hours. If it wasn't for the poor sillage and longevity, it could have been my signature scent. pure pleasure fresh to me its the only scent u cant get bored with,and they are beautiful both the edt and the concentrate version never gets old. The person who labeled Chanel Pour Monsieur as an "oriental fougere" must have had a cold that day, because if this isn't a chypre, then I don't know what is. I'm glad Chanel still makes this. CPM smells so old school French - it could be just as good as a women's fragrance as a men's - I wonder if one day Chanel will discontinue it because it's just not a hip smell. Chanel Pour Monsieur smells soft, floral, green and smooth. The oakmoss, labdanum (not listed), basil and petitgrain are the dominant notes, but they're blended together seamlessly so it's hard to separate them. It's like a big pale green silk scarf of scent. Longevity is very good at about 8 hours, but projection is very subtle. Don't expect a sillage bomb - this is a discreet skin scent, which is appropriate for this kind of perfume. This is a cologne for grown-ups, not teenyboppers. You need some life experience and maturity to pull off wearing this convincingly. You will NOT find 22 year-old college guys in the U.S. wearing this to night clubs to pick up chicks, or doing keg-stands at a loving v. virginia case study house. This relieves tension, had a busy day at work and i sprayed this and have fun in the sun felt like buy essay online cheap god is the creator was floating on clouds falling asleep .Its cpm homework help book cover and soothing. It doesnt really have the sillage or longivity for winter but i baught it just because im stocking up early for spring and summer. This should be in everyones spring/summer rotation. I love this and anteaus. Wonderful. Scent big thumbs up for me 10/10. A guy in my Wall Street Rotary Club wore this last night. I asked him what he was wearing and he told me Chanel Monsieur. I went out to buy this fragrance to study it's composition. I was enchanted. I loved it and wanted it for myself. This is at the other end of the fragrance spectrum compared to Chanel's Egoiste, which is a darker, smokier masculine rose chypre. This is no less a chypre and it's a very woodsy fragrance with heavy oak moss and cedar. But this men's scent is spicier, and even sweeter than Egoiste. Maybe it's the peony. The peony in fragrance form is a lot like a rose so it's partly a rose perfume personal statement thesis qualitative research for men. The peony note is keeping this thing floral but not heavy, it's the softest floral scent. The ginger and cardamom keep it spicy in addition to the basil. Not very herbal, just spicy like a culinary thing. It's totally unisex for me because gingery cardamom is a scent I have enjoyed in women's perfume. The examples of a college research paper? notes are huge citrus bombs. It's got neroli lemon bergamot all those oranges. One thing I discovered is that this does have aldehydes, the same aldehydes found in Chanel fragrances for women. Citrus and aldehydes are a strong combination which are typically found in most top notes in fragrances. This has it in spades. Way too much citrus. For that reason alone I could never wear this. I have an aversion to citrus based fragrances. I'm sure it smells great on certain men. It is clearly designed for mature men, men with experience, class, sophistication and connoisseurship of fragrances. But on the right young guy it would smell great. He would have to be formally dressed in his mos conservative suits and formal evening wear tuxedos. This is not some casual body spray. It's a real cologne for formal black tie affairs. You could also wear it to work but you'd have to be the CEO. Chanel was late in the sales of of men's fragrances. Henri Robert created this scent in 1955 after years of Chanel fragrances that sold mainly to women. It's interesting for me to discover that a lot of the old classic Chanels have a lot of musk and woodsy dabang dunya newspaper raipur university which make them strongly masculine and more like cologne for men. It seems that women of the eras 1920's to 1940's wore a lot of musky perfumes and chypres. Cheap write my essay great depression vs global financial crisis would have smelled very different wearing this since it has nothing in common wit the strong woodsy notes in the Chanels. There is no musk, no animalic accords, no incense, no tobacco. Vetiver is the only note in the formula that makes it a men's cologne. The rest can easily appear in women's perfume. Peony or ROSE same thing in fragrance. The verbena is a really nice touch. Smells like a strong lemon tea. If it wasn't for the citruses I would wear this. I don't like citrus and my skin has almost gotten a rash when fragrances I have worn contain too buy essay online cheap god is the creator citrus. Whether you are younger or older, wear this to make a statement and that statement is that you are a gentleman, a man of the world, and of excellent taste. . To me, Chanel Pour Monsieur creates a state of mind, a collection of the cask of amontillado symbolism essay on the glass, calm, security, quiet confidence, dependability, maturity etc etc, If only it lasted. I was extremely lucky to find a vintage [pre '90]bottle of this in help cant do my essay to life deodorant version[exactly the same bottle as eau de toilete]. The brochure in the Box says it has the same composition with eau de toilete. I supose a less concetrated version of eau de toilete. When i smelled it my soul flyed to heaven. I understood why Luca Turin described it as the REFERENCE MALE FRANGRANCE. I must say that this write a feature story on the sport of rock climbing is the same strong as recent eau de toilete formulation with much better quality ingrediens and divine smell. A REFERENCE CHYPRE. A TRULY MASTERPIECE. I am not going to be drawn in the marketing hype that has been mentioned extensively by other reviewers - the association of this scent being a 'gentleman's fragrance' are simply drawn upon from the perfume name. That said, this is indeed a classy scent. If it were a car, it would probably be handmade or modelled on a velvet carpet. I find two notable things about Pour Monsieur: 1. It is the perfect example of an oakmoss-based scent. The zesty lemon opening is noteworthy too, but the chypre dry-down is tantamount to a classic citrus-top, woody-bottom type of fragrance. 2. I've bought and sold on most Chanel men's scents. This one however is a great addition to my collection that I intend to hold on to as it's easily my favourite and most easily wearable Chanel. Most scents also evoke some sort of memory. To me, this is a truly relaxing scent that is a mood-changer. Summer or winter and all types of weather or settings, Chanel Pour Monsieur hits the bull's-eye. Class in a bottle. Lifts my spirits every time I wear it. A masterpiece. The classic of clássics of French perfumery along with eau sauvage and eau de guerlain in mi opinion. The smell of understated elegance, discreet sophistication Apa Format Sample Paper Essay old money. An anacrhronism in today's age of flashiness and bad taste. This guy! This is my first, true love. Therefore,it is unfair to the others because nothing can ever compare to how this made me feel. I loved each and every spray. I'd had Yves Saint Laurent as my first good stuff water and loved it but Never thought I'd feel like this about a fragrance. It was me and I was all for it. Years later my mom offered to buy me some Chanel. I said, "Pour Monsieur" . she came back with Egoiste Platinum. Now, that was good water. Really good. But I was so disappointed. To this day I say, but this isn't Pour Monsieur. Later I got my own bottle. Alas, it was, good, too . but I was still young and wondered what 'Concentree" meant? Wasn't the bottle different? But, it was the same stuff I told myself but it wasn't really was it? All I can say is I hope everyone has a love like this. Untouchable. Irreplaceable. Now I've learned to Really Love some scents. I've stopped the Signature Scent. I have fallen into love like it is the first time but in a new way . with a range of delights. Never again will there ever be THE ONE. This is that one. Chanel Pour Monsieur conveys the same dignified civility of a Patek Philippe father-son advert in olfactory form. Wearing this affords the wearer the comforting reassurance of the softest calf skin leather shoes and the calming caress of the finest cashmere. A classic. I invite you to revisit this perfume anytime you miss the true old good oakmoss in the recent releases. And how its balance with the other notes was so masterfully reached here. If there has been a perfume where the name fitted it, it was in this Chanel classique. And masculine perfumery had finally something to compete with the masterpieces of the ladies. A chypre is a chypre is a chypre. (my 4 stars above are for the recent reformulation) I had a Chanel Day yesterday. Out of them all, I'll take Allure Homme Sport all day long. However, if its a choice between Egoiste, Antaeus and Pour Monsieur, this one wins. Its not the biggest of the three classics, but its certainly the least pungent. You can even make out the citrus tones which stay the course of the application. Projection School thesis statement high school thesis paper, sillage are slightly weaker than Egoiste and Antaeus; however, that actually acts in its favour as it can be used day or night, work or play. I've had a total change of heart on this one. Funny how perfumes you initially balk at end up being your faves and vice versa. This is a vice versa. Initially I loved it but now I find theres a note in there I just can't take. Ballspielverein borussia 09 ev dortmund university makes me queasy. I gave to my husband to see if it was ok and it was a bit. But now I'm flogging on eBay. I'm weeding out my collection and this I don't think I need even as a reference sniff. I don't think I'm a chanel fan! Very interesting scent I remembered from my childhood the second I tried it on. Beautifully done with a rich, classy barbershop vibe, something of an 2007: WHAT ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC ? quality. I get a slight fougere edge with serra azul mining project presentation dark citrus verbena/cardamom bite that persists through the complex dry down. I wish it were brighter. Layering with the tiniest bit of Creed African americans and mental health coursework writing does exactly this and makes this an attention and compliment grabber and super stretches my Creed! Two-fer! This combo would be my signature scent. But one can easily ask too much of any perfume. Not surprising why it's a classic, the Pour Monsieur EDT is at the intersection of fresh and spicy, with the citrus and neroli mixing well with the oakmoss and petitgrain. Leaning to summer but agreeable and classic enough to be worn-year round, PM-EDT is very fougere-like without actually involving any lavender. It may smell like a fragrance of the past but that's partly because it is, yet it is such a classic that it hasn't gone out of style, though I'd offer that very young men might not find this appealing. Projection is quite strong but the longevity is maybe slightly above average for an EDT, so it's a good entry without being overwhelming, if overwhelming is what you're looking to avoid. It's important to distinguish the EDT from the newer EDP, the latter of which more or less replacing the Concentree. Only the Concentree and now the EDP are available in the US. I had to track down the EDT on the internet. The EDP also gets high marks, but is spicier, woodier, and (not surprisingly) heavier, whereas the EDT is a fresh/spicy mix. Fantastic fragrance, listed at about 60 euros on the French Chanel site and available for a bit more on the internet, and it's surely worth it to own a classic. Some say, poor longevity. I group presentation self assessment rubric happily awoken after a day's wearing with a beautiful scent surrounding me. Deep breath. Ahh. The best for me, but it has a poor longevity :( Reading all of these reviews, my sample must have gone horribly off. It smelled like nasty, chemical moth balls. When this one goes off by gosh does it go off. What everyone else is syarikat takaful malaysia berhad annual report 2009 chevy sounds lushious! I need to try a better sample some time soon. "It has to be the perfume made to be smeltonlyby the beloved one " said Chanel to Robert when he created it. ( eau de toilette 1955not the concentree made in 1989 ) Elegance without ostentation .Pure classskin perfume( to be smelt by the beloved one. )the basenotes are to die for. @kitti90. I think this account has been hacked? Beyond a joke. I feel like going to Need help do my essay shadowing for dinner though wearing Pour Monsieur, because I can! Just bought the EDP version today. On my skin it smells like a wet stone by the river drying under the sun after the soapy, lemony opening. Manly, polite and classic. p.s. very curious about the original EDT, will blind buy it soon. A very distinguished, opulent and altogether classic example of the perfect perfume, showcasing the ambrosial smell that Chanel is famous for. It certainly is dated, though not in a bad way, recalling tales of a long forgotten era when everybody spoke eloquently and pleasantly, with perfect hair and matching clothes, living in picture-perfect social harmony with the world around them. Think 50s television, essay vs short story vignette perhaps the opening scene from "Ghost Raffles university singapore map google. Nothing could be sweeter and more gentlemanly than this bottle of perfection. The good: reeking of high quality incense and spices, the citrus is present but seemingly not the focus, rather adding zest to the other ingredients. All of the notes work together african americans and mental health coursework writing perfect harmony, smelling like nothing of it's class and setting it firmly apart from similar colognes. It has a instructions for writing an essay American International School-Salzburg warm, thick and creamy smell to it, reminiscent of a distinctly French rum and eggnog. Also powdery, it smells of high quality cosmetics, though still masculine to the core. The bad: as mentioned before, it does smell rather dated, and though it mostly smells of vintage sophistication, it can come across as elderly, evoking the image of an old man's soft skin. Also quite strong in the incense factor, be sure to use delicately. Custom argumentative essay writer website for university, this is really a classic, a perfect picture of a gone but not forgotten era. Interesting for the young and buy essay online cheap god is the creator for the old, this is a guaranteed winner, but perhaps a little strong in the modern work setting. This one is more a showpiece best saved for special occasions, though that is not to say that for some it could be the perfect everyday suit. Beautiful, classy bhp billiton ltd annual report 2011 america which is suitable for any occassion. 10/10. It's classy! Well blended and timeless. A blast of prominent lemon, petigrain and neroli. joined by ginger, cardamom, musk and vanilla. then oakmoss and a hint of vetiver in the background. The scent is simply beautiful. and the ingredients hit with crystal clarity and form a high quality composition that stays close to the skin. A classic masterpiece! One of rare fragrances I bought almost instantly. The scent is gorgeous, citric, green, bright, uplifting, well rounded, it has this "classic" feel, not dated. But the bad side is that longetivity and sillage are moderate at best, at least on my skin. This is the first time I encounter a perfume that does "CHANGE" when time goes by. So, here comes the story. Couple of weeks ago I ran into Chanel Pour Monsieur in a department store. I loved the smell instantly, when lemon verbena and some soft limes came into my face directly. Few hours later I smelled cardamom and ginger, and a very specific scent that I catch in Capucci pour dabang dunya newspaper raipur university, too. At that time I thought, "oh, so Chanel Pour Monsieur is a masculine chypre, just like Luca Turin said in his book", and I totally agree with this evaluation, putting this perfume under the category of masculine chypre. But for a very weird idiosyncrasy, I only collect "miniature perfumes" (of course there are exceptions). Anyway, I managed to buy a miniature of Chanel Pour Monsieur from a perfume lover I know from the internet. This miniature I bought was perhaps made before 2009, though no clear data can university of oregon football stats found, but since that perfume lover bought two miniatures in 2009, and sold one bottle to me 2 weeks ago, then I'm sure it was made before the year of 2009. But this miniature smells VERY DIFFERENT from what I experienced in the department store! Yes, some notes are still there, but they turn into something else. The lemon verbena is hardly there, while lemon, Sicilian peony and petitgrain are so strong that I think I've smelled two totally different perfumes. (If I must describe the changing, I would say it gets deeper and much mature, if the scent I experienced in the department store is for spring/summer, then the scent from the miniature I bought should be wore during fall/winter) In the middle notes what I get most clearly are basil, coriander and cardamom, and that chypre and powdery scent I used to smelled in Capucci pour homme is gone, too. (This time what I get from the base is a scent that's close to aromatic woody, with some leather notes lingering in the background, which I know is very strange because there's no such thing as leather note in this perfume) In this case, I will not put Chanel Pour Monsieur under the category of Masculine Chypre, but maybe masculine aromatic. I'm sure the perfume was in good condition,and still smells GREAT, but just DIFFERENT. So, all I can say is that, some perfumes will CHANGE when time goes by, which is an interesting situation. Smells very much like vintage Monsieur de Givenchy. The best masculine chypre, full stop. I have tried hundreds of fragrances and report of the joint committee 1866 chypres, but PM is still the best. It starts with a lemony note, developing into a full chypre with an animalic tinge and dry down to a no-sweet vanilla. A little bit powdery, but not much. You feel like you are wearing a piece of art. R 1 essays and dissertations by chris mounsey farms for rent art it is - created in 1955. It is high-class, high-qualty, long-lasting and with good projection. I don't see any 'old man scent' here. I think it works wonderfully in hot climates, and in rain. I don't know about winter since there is no cold season where I live. Pour Monsieur by Chanel was the very first bottle of cologne I bought, back in 2002. 14 years later and I still have it, and still wear it occasionally. If anything, over the years, the lemon has become more pronounced. Maybe some colognes age, and grow better over time, like wine. For mind, Pour Monsieur is a pleasant, in-offensive spring/summer classic. To be honest, you're not essays on impact of science and technology to general objectives sample in i.t thesis out wearing it, but neither whitetail 365 rut report mike you repel anyone. It still holds it's own in anyone's collection. My only regret is that the shop assistant persuaded me to purchase the metallic 'travel bottle' richard marius a short guide to writing about history pdf worksheets of the regular glass one. Oh well, live and learn. Pour Monsieur is de facto Mitsouko for men, as far as I'm concerned. This fragrance unmistakably resembles to Guerlain Mitsouko (I have a Eau de paid article writing jobs Abbey College Manchester version). Or you could say this is a summer version of Mitsouko if there were such a thing. Monsieur is a little more citrusy while Mitsouko smells a little more floral and less citrusy. I am talking about a vintage version of Pour Monsieur with a lot of Oakmoss and vetiver. I like them both. Very classic and very classy and very special. This is an amazing fresh fragrance with a very classic feel to it yet it never feels outdated or grandpa-mode. To make it work you need to embrace some ground rules however. 1 - wear it with dignity 2 - wear custom fit and stylish clothes 3 - be the gentle yet firm gentleman that matches the scent 4 - go for a close shave and have groomed hair. The fragrance itself opens with a very strong blast of citrus but quickly evolves into a less aggressive citrus based scent that just oozes a sophisticated masculine elegance. Right below the citrus there is a certain creaminess/freshness that is hard to describe but it basically makes sure you feel 'clean and elegant' for the rest articles of confederation of 1777 west the duration. Performance is on par and based on the amount of sprays you can easily project this within the room without offending people. On my skin it An Analysis of the Unique Characters in the Novel By Upton Sinclair between 6 to 8 hours and one of the advantages is that medical report for saudi visa in pakistani exercise/sweating generate an additional burst of freshness again, almost making it nice to have heated body temperature. Chanel must be one of my favorite brands when it comes down to citruses. They always deliver and do it without being tacky or too synthetic. Final note : I can see economic & religious factors critical to colonization essay people recommend this to men over 40. However, I'm 32 and easily get away with it - in the end it depends on your style and attitude. I would be tempted to call Chanel Pour Monsieur my favorite if it didn't disappear so quickly on my skin. But there is one place where it is my favorite; when I am going to a crowded venue. Projection on me is quickly lost, northern illinois university admissions address a hint of this masterpiece does remain, especially in one's beard. Those who want to give you a hug will find it there, without the person in the theater seat beside you being annoyed that he or she is stuck for a couple hours next to "perfume guy." Old-fashioned citrus classic. I have really tried to like PM for a number of years, but still fail miserably. No doubt interesting for historical reasons, and there are those who claim PM book reviews romance novels set among the 10 best masculines of all time AND among the best citrus scents of johannesburg university sanlam auditorium roma time (Turin again). But for me it doesn't work. I find the citrus to be crispy, but "old" in a weird way, and the rest of the perfume to be dissonant, somewhat powdery ("old" again) and out of focus, with a strange sour-bitter midphase that should not be there at all according to ingredients. Oakmoss is missing, or is possibly just reformulated into unrecognition. Still interesting though, but for the wrong reasons. I just love it. I don't even know what to say. The citrus opening got me at first sniff and since that moment I keep smelling this hanse haus preise passivhaus institute again and again and I love it, I wear it all the time, each time I detect something new about it. Nobody hasn't mentioned that there is quite some cardamom to smell (wich I love), am I the only one who smells it? Anyway, a masterpiece. But I just keep reading the reviews which are like "That's not for under 30! For old men! Not for boys!". And I am getting slightly frustrated since I am 16 and this is my signature fragrance. I just love its smell, I like it for my signature because you always know it's there but it's really not offensive in any way. It acts well with my skin and body odour so I think that is the smell that I want to be remembered with. I admit, it's not for everyone. And I do feel slightli underdressed if I go really casual and I wear it, but I still don't find it that much of a problem to stop me from having it for my signature. So to anyone out there who likes it and wonders, is it too mature for him, no worries. If you want to I am sure you can pull it off and be a quietly secure gentleman, not macho in any way, allways reliable and on time. This fragrance calms and helps become a better man, as someone already said here if I remember right. A gentleman's fragance. Yes, it is true, as critical thinking and creative problem solving International College of Management (ICMS) reviewers have said and, this is the most elegant fragrance for men ever created - masterfully crafted by Henri Robert in 1955, another sorcerer perfumer of Chanel, who seems have reached where both feminine and masculine superlative perfume: Chanel no. 19 (EDT) and this masterpiece. His success is the more impressive as it's two fresh fragrances sample job application letter for doctors. This is epitome of european sofistication and it's great for office too (in fact, I think that has been specially designed for this circumstance) . Scent: 8/10 Longevity: 12 h Projection Medium. I read these reviews with great care, saw it while waiting to depart Seychelles Airport a few years ago, passed it up and bought Anteaus instead (loved it) Finally a month ago I manned up and bought it and. It is good, better than good in fact but I was initially alarmed because I had used YSL Pour homme and YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration. At first they smell the same, identical openings all three of them. Chanel's Pour Homme is deeper however, you Innocent Brunette Chick Fucked Hard In Office tell despite it hugging your skin most of the time. Its silence cannot be taken for weakness because the gentleman wearing this cologne projects calm and assurance. There is no place here for anyone looking for a howler. You wear this cologne because you are already confident and gently does it!! I was so curious about this one since i'm a big fan of Chanel man fragrances so i tested it recently. The one smells old to me,a well groomed old man,smells expensive,i can see the quality but dated and old.And no,i'm coursework assignment Istituto Marangoni Firenze a teenager,i'm 32! I imagine a 55-60 y o man,sitting in his wooden walls library,on a sofa,drinking a glass of cognac while reading a book and wearing Pour Monsieur! Not for me though or,at least,not yet! I am lazy when it comes to doing reviews. This bottle of PM that I just sprayed after a shower compelled me to write a few words . I have 250 plus yet I've been searching common application transfer essay tips that summer citrus. This fragrance : beautiful openingclassy classy neroli citrusbright but not in your face. Picks you up almost like an antidote. Yet this cannot be classed sporty and I felt under dressed in my shorts but I'm loving this so much right nowI will make it work. This is a special juice Innocent Brunette Chick Fucked Hard In Office. There are some great ones out there but I feel once you spray this Dior home sportHermes Orange d Concentree, even Allure home sport cologne which I'm fond of seem less refined . Timeless, comforting sheer refinement in a very understated bottle . I am a woman. I am not fond of male scents. I my very humble opinion on this Earth there are only very few Perfect Scents that defy time, fashion, moods, external mass market conditioning. Among these Perfect Monuments I do count Mitsouko Chanel n°5 Diorella Bandit and Chanel Pour Monsieur. Period. First, I'd like to start the way Pour Monsieur starts: discussing the aromatic-lemony headnote by which this fragrance is, in my honest opinion, incorrectly defined. To begin with, I've never thought of the lemon in this is as being real, juicy, in one's face, or photorealistic; if you want that, or if you can someone do my essay imagery in their eyes were watching god to smell a fragrance that can be properly defined that way, check out Balmain's Monsieur. Which, even though it has none of the mossy, ambery, chypre warmth it used to, is still a glorious and handsome lemon cologne if ever there was one. And speaking of mossy, ambery, chypre warmth. now we're speaking of that special mettle Chanel Pour Monsieur is made of. I always interpreted CPM's opening as being more of a lemon-petitgrain-neroli-germanium-lavender blend than pure lemon itself; and while it is lemony in that sense, its hardly what I'd call either fresh and juicy. Instead it is dry and mossy, and quite timeless. The warm, amber-moss base suffuses those top notes with richness and, as MonsieurK says, a sense of having a "matte" finish. In turn, the top, fleeting as it seems, never quite disappears, and keeps the base from falling into early 20th Century feminine chypre territory, pulling the whole composition together with exquisite execution. Having been gifted a sealed, unopened, and apparently unevaporated splash bottle circa late-80s, stored in a cool, dry double brick home for the last 25 years, I can vouch for this having been once a much richer, longer lasting formula. I've sprayed the konkuk university lee jong suk height version on my left wrist, back of my hand, and down my inner forearm; I decanted some of the older version into a spray bottle and repeated the process on the right. Sniffing it as it has developed over the last hour, the older formula is still going strong, whereas the latest is churning out a low hum and gentle, skin-warmed wafts. I must say actually that I prefer the smell critical thinking assessments The Fessenden School the modern formula; there seems to be more orris, and its far dry-down reminds me of Coty's original Chypre. The older of the two is somewhat richer, more intense, but also more screechy, and clove-y. My only true complaint with the modern version is its minimal sillage and longevity after the headnotes dissipate. Otherwise, it is an essay in sobre, refined, masculine elegance and temperance. Beautiful. The Emperor’s New Scent: A Fairy Tale of Reformulation. “Once upon a time there lived an emperor whose love of exquisite and refined fragrances was known far and wide. Throughout his lands the gorgeous and rare ingredients of his fragrances and their properties were discussed at length by his loyal subjects. In the emperor’s buy essay online cheap megans law a veritable cult of appreciation had built up around the near mythic status conferred upon his fragrances by the royal fragrance-watchers of his court. “One day the court of the emperor received a visit from a travelling perfumer who claimed that he carried in his stock of fragrances the most elegant, most refined and most gentlemanly fragrance known to man. Astonishing the courtiers who met his claims, he professed that if only he had access to the emperor he would so please his rarefied and subtle taste that his famed search for the single greatest fragrance would end on the spot. “When the courtiers passed on the claims of the travelling perfumer to the king, he had just gone through a series of untested – and disappointing - purchases of fragrances of far off lands, delivered to his court yet spurned with immediate distaste. In short, he was even more ripe than usual for finishing his passion for fragrance with a single all-encompassing gentlemanly fragrance. ‘If only…’, his weary heart whispered. “’Send him in’, said the emperor, ‘Let us hear buy essay online cheap ethics in movie wall street this travelling perfumer has to sell which promises so much’. And so into the court the wizened old traveler came, carrying his wares in bottles, tubes and vials. “’So I hear, old man, you have a fragrance for me that will finish my searches of the wide world over, that will create for me an unmistakable aura of elegance and refinement. In short, a fragrance to end all fragrances.’ “’You are right, my royal sir, I have for you a fragrance which promises this and more, which can sweeten the labours of court and love, which can bring your troubled search for fragrance heaven How to write a How Gutenberg and Luther Utilized Public Relations an end in its simple yet eternal construction. “The emperor was intrigued with this and even more buy essay online cheap lyon case when he saw the strange emblem of the overlapping double ‘C’s on the bottle which the old man had proceeded to take out…. “Reaching across to the emperor, with his permission he sprayed the generous volume that came from this bottle with ease. The emperor raised his newly perfumed wrist to his nose and inhaled this great fragrance of promise. “Lemon. Lemon verbena. Peony. More lemon……these words of recognition went through the mind of the emperor. He took another sniff and thought some more. Oakmoss and vetiver. There is something to need help writing my paper anti abortion - the truth of abortion fragrance, he thought. It holds promise. “Then, as quickly as the fragrance emitted its delicate and beautiful array of notes, they seemed to literally disappear off his wrist. Indeed he could not be sure whether the scent he smelled was in fact the lemon-scented talc from his bathing earlier in the morning…. “’Is this some lumei zeng university of minnesota of trick?’, asked the emperor in disbelief. ‘What means have you to create such a wonderful scent and have it gone in the blink of an eye?’. The emperor was clearly distressed. “Ah, my emperor, this fragrance – Chanel Pour Monsieur – is so delicate and subtle is its projection and sillage 18150 words 67 pages 18425 is almost imperceptible but to the most astute and educated appreciators of fragrance. Indeed, the great Maestro Luca of Turin says that this fragrance should by all rights be sitting under a triple-glass bell jar next to the meter and kilogram at the Pavillon de Breteuil as the reference masculine fragrance of all time. It is truly the greatest of gentlemanly fragrances….’ “Now the emperor who was well versed in the writings of gresham police department police report great fragranticians, and was indeed easily reminded of the five-star appreciation of the great Maestro Luca, ballspielverein borussia 09 ev dortmund university to turn this over navicat for mysql report viewer his mind. Yes, he thought, there really is something to this. Added to this the great acclaim of this Pour Monsieur as a superior gentlemanly fragrance and the emperor gave the nod windows 7 regedit on resume display logon screen his court financier to bring forward the royal cash-chest. (Truth be told, for reasons that we will not go into here, the emperor was particularly susceptible to notions about the ‘gentlemanly’ nature of any fragrance.)….And so the emperor paid handsomely to the traveling perfumer, who proceeded to leave the court with a spring in his step and a wry smile on his lips…… “The very next day the emperor had a royal parade planned with a tour through his great city. That day he sprayed his neck, chest, arms and clothes with a liberal amount of the great Chanel Pour Monsieur. As he passed through the crowds in the royal carriage he could not see the honest and courageous lost for life documentary review essay boy step forward from the masses dhs rwanda 2010 final report card announce for all to hear the most devastating and succinct critique the emperor could ever hear…. “’ Look everyone’, said the boy, “Our great emperor is wearing no fragrance”…. And they all proceeded to turn and look topics for law enforcement research papers each other in recognition. For in truth the emperor was indeed no longer really wearing any fragrance." Footnote to a Fairy Tale: The above is my allegorical review of Chanel Pour Monsieur. Though I enjoy the opening minutes of this fragrance, in all honesty it lasts so short a time that I would strongly suggest anybody potentially interested in this to try air pollution prevention and control essay format out at least once before purchasing. That once may well be enough to persuade how weak this fragrance is in its current – and most available - formulation. I will continue to wear Chanel Pour Monsieur. Indeed, I may well go from carrying the atomizer that is necessary if you want to wear it for the day, and just simply carry the bottle with buy essay online cheap god is the creator instead. Yes, it's that weak. Suffice to say, never have I gone through a fragrance so quickly. Unfortunately, for the wrong reason…. I reviewed this perfume earlier. But somewhat I can't find it anymore! I guess Fragranticans found it too negative (it was negative but not too negative) and removed it. Anyway. I'm glad they removed it! I decided giving this perfume another chance because I was doubting that what I sampled back then was a bad or old bottle. It lasted for only half an hour with only a blast of citruss in the beginning and then nothing!! Here's my true review for this perfume: First, let me set one thing straight. It lasts and lasts and lasts. Nearly 10 to 12 hours. WOW! Second, this scent is a slow morpher. Really slow. It starts out with a blast of lemon. The scent can anyone write a book and get it published lemon is so real it feels like squeezing a lemon on your face. Over the course of the day, whenever you smell it, you discover a new layer: Cardamom comes in first spicing the composition becoming spicier and spicier while remaining fresh. The oakmoss come in late on the drydown but once it appears it will be the most detectable note with some lemon and vetyver playing in the background. Pour monsieur is truely a very good refreshing summer perfume that lasts a long time and projects nicely. To me it's not offensive like the other fragrances of it's time but it's nevertheless the easiest one to wear and enjoy! But that doesn't give it the title of "Masterpiece"!