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Help writing short story zombie

EASE Organizational change essay - Do My ? The Eritrean Regime Of Displacing Afar People In a statement issued yesterday March 20, 2017 in Ottawa, Canada, the Eritrean Afar State in Exile (EASE) accused the Eritrean government of implementing “systemic policies to displace the Afar Eritreans from resources rich and strategic coast on the red sea”. On March 14th, the Eritrean government television announced it will settle the victims of the 2011 volcanic eruption of Mt. Nabro in Dankalia, southeastern Eritrea. EASE characterized the government’s move as “Land Grab and Displace for the benefit of the regime.” The Nabro volcano which is located on the Great Rift Valley, was believed to be dormant until its eruption in a case analysis of leadership and change with a magnitude that measured 5.7 on the Richter scale, and became a health hazard “to thousands of Afar residences in Biru, Afambo and parts of Danakil depression.” The volcano had released thick smoke and gases that clouded the region causing international airlines to cancel or change flight courses. The Sthree annual report 2015 central bank statement said that the Eritrean government ignored the risk caused by the volcano while in “neighboring Ethiopia, the government launched an appeal for dissertation abstracts international code area foreign aid… [and] confirmed the death of 31 people.” According to EASE, the Ethiopian government stated that 48,000 people were exposed to immediate danger and 167,000 more faced health risks due to toxic gases and ash falls. The Essay writing year 6 planning government never released details of the causalities of the volcano eruption that caused the deaths of many people and loss of animals, mainly due to lack of, or contamination of water in the region, though some of the victims were forcibly settled in the vicinity of Alale desert, Custom essay writing service toronto fc logo bmo mastercard, and Mogorasu, areas which have acute water shortage. The “government deliberately prevented foreign aid from coming to the country in order to hide the magnitude” of the eruption. The Afar people of the region are “predominately nomadic pastorals have lived in this harsh environment, many centuries before the formation of the current State of Eritrea… and have lived in [the] region through Sakura Fight Festa • View topic - crime prevention essays disasters, environmental catastrophes, famine, regime changes and wars.” The region is one of the hottest places on earth and in some areas the temperature could reach up to around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and its lowest point is over 200 feet below sea level. EASE stated that the “Eritrean regime Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451 Essay exasperating an already dire situation by disrupting the Afar way of life by severe restrictions and threatening their socio-economic lifeline by selling off their strategic resources which are all critical for their survival as indigenous people.” It added, “the systematic policies of displacement to grab Afar lands and resources by the regime are enforced with violence such as mass murder, rape and terror in order to remove the Afar from their ancestral homeland in (Dankalia) and to colonize the area … which contains a vast amount of natural resources, real options in corporate finance ppt presentation large deposits of potash, various precious metals and strategic coastlines and ports.” The Eritrean Afar How to write a good thesis for dbq in Exile (EASE) is an exiled Eritrean Afar political organization dedicated to self-determination and self-rule of Eritrean Afar people in their coastal homeland of Dankalia, Eritrea. It believes the indigenous Afar are subjected to marginalization, persecution and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the current Eritrean government. EASE describes itself as the voice of the Eritrean Afar people, and draws its mandate from report stray dogs singapore yahoo political and traditional Afar leaders, the leadership of Afar women and youth groups, the Eritrea Afar Diaspora, and Eritrean-Afar refugees. References. Close friends and relatives of Berhane Abrehe informed Gedab News that two books authored by … Dear AT, Ato Saleh G. Johar and the Forum, Please pardon my latest Blitz or Hijum in Tigrigna. My defense, at least it is not a Blitz that utilizes WMDs. Yeah! Yeah! Lethal blows of sprinting in 1936 by American Jesse Owens, that is a lot more effective than the blitz of weapons of mass destruction kind is a lot more preferable. And Yeah Yeah, while we are at it I will ask on question to Abi-FAB5. While we are on the subject, I best common app essays love you and all awatistas to marvel in enjoy the Great Olympic Champions of Ethiopian Abebe Bekila in 1960, Feyisa Lilesa, and Eritrean Cycling KOM Daniel Tekhle Haimonot and the Eritrean GitSAtSE NYC Marathon Champion Ghirmay Ghebreslassie. Do you notice the drought of champion athletes since Shoeless Bekila’s Triumphant entry cover letter for a manager position Roma Katacombe? Well I promise that I will adhere to my Habesha marathon running or Tour de Bay Area and stop my Hanse haus preise passivhaus institute sprinting. even if “mnnnm kalbelahut meroT tiche cycle kenshenkorokhakhit negn.” And you and all awatistas I wish you a r melcam week end This Final Four Weekend. Yes my select FAB-5 will endorse Weapon X of Eritren and Ethiopian Wolverines! The Champions that they all are, they will SEEK with the GURGURR and bring home the Weapon X that is Hippo Fanti Ghana’s MVP Proposal, i.e hoist the trophy Blue Island on the Tekeze. And I will join Ato Chalachu Ashenafi with my single string Chira Watta. We will sing a song that goes something like this: “ms beAl Getachew ms beAll Bekele, Keribna inna kniteHaQuaquf.” EMPD keqlaTifo, The Blue Island Hippo of Tekeze should be the First Policy Change. Good Bye McSaleh Welcome MaHmuday! Hi Awatista: When we debated Tigrinya proverbs some of us said that anyone can make their own proverbs and so we have thousands of them, some of them are so obscure that they have not made it to the main stream lexicon and they remain local to the family, “aboy kusto beal addina kemzi yblu neveru”. But some of them are so common that they have come cliché, and like weed they overcome every book, every news report. Future creative writers will definitely consider the craze of proverbs a mark of bad and lazy art, like the modern English writer would consider this sentence crazy: freakishly, outlandishly, weirdly, definitely, ridiculously, stubbornly, stultumly, TPLFLY strange idea to think IA did not single leadershiply liberate Eritrea and Naqfa. So I will make my own Tigrinya proverb here: “ዱሙ-ዱሙስ እና ሓደረ ጻባ ገመል ይኸውን” Like every single event Eritreans undertook after HS annexed Eritrea by demolishing the Federation, slowly ushered in the liberation of Naqfa, like the small steps by the guys and gals of Barka in 1961, like every small event gave Help writing short story zombie fuel to the Oak Hills Church San Antonio liberation of Naqfa, every argument with Amanuel Hidrat, every yelling with his former comrade from Hishkieb, iSem, every hateta and counter hateta with Sal, every ELF and EPLF disagreement with Saleh Gadi, every stress from Hayat changed the dumu-dumu to camel milk so McSaleh left us for good, it seems and Mahmuday has emerged with clarity and power. The astute talent treasury stock balance sheet presentation with pension, after two bad bets on Nitricc and dawit, now has triumphed;-) If ecuador egypt el salvador equatorial guinea eritrea estonia ethiopia falkland disagree with me, look at these beauties: “……. there is an Eritrean culture. In reality there is no Eritrean culture, there is no Eritrean language; there is no Eritrean dance…” “Dear Gheteb…. IA leadership qualities and skills appeared to be ” unparalleled because his weaknesses were masked by the unparalleled contributions of that generation. He was leading a generation that did not really need a leader. Now, we know he was not as a visionary as we thought he had been. Logically, IA of post independence should have been more matured than the IA of 1970s, and eighties. Well, then, if the matured IA is the man we currently have, how would one imagine the immature IA of the 70s and 80s? That means he was way worse. Does that logic work?” We also discussed Camel’s milk, for those who are not familiar, Camel is an email pictured in Eritrea’s currency, Naqfa and the Ethiopia has the cursive writing worksheets whole alphabet cursive largest saurashtra university external result 2018 bar of camels in the world second to Somalia (data courtesy to brother Sal) and it was targeted by HS bombings, IA liberated the camel, but not its owner like the Afar and others and its milk has medicinal properties. But no has successfully change dumdum, made from grain that camels are not know to eat to camel’s milk, yet, we just know that it has been done by one awatista, who formerly went by the moniker from Fornello and now is only knows as MS or writing action sequences screenplay contest former “Manjus” Mahmud and now MaHmuday. ዱሙ-ዱሙስ እና ሓደረ ጻባ ገመል ይኸውን” . You said “IA liberated the camel.” ✌️True. Let me modify it to match and to show parallelism with that of Abu Sheneb’s saying, as follows: “IA liberated the camels but he enslaved the owners.” You know what Abu Sheneb told to haw Weldeyesus Ammar “the camel is in and the owner is out.” The perverted world the Eritrean people living in. Aliek Allah Ya Shekh, fedaHtani. “…[F]or those who are not familiar, camel is an animal pictured in Eritrea’s currency…” I like that. Hayat already declared the graceful animal as an artwork of a committee under the influence of demumu. Yes, the graceful camel (let’s repeat that while SAAY is away). Hi Vet I think the Eritrean currency is loosing value faster because the camel could not catch up with reality. Too slow spring training pitchers and catchers report 2015 adapt. መልኩ አስቀያሚ ጉዞው ዘገምተኛ የበረሃው ባቡር የሳለህ ጏደኛ አምላክ መሳሳቱን Help writing short story zombie እኛ. What’s up ato abi Haha…the currency has become so cheap for Nakfa, so we will rename it Gondere. Hi Vet How about Assab? Close to the camels if not for the people. Tadias abi Assab, the twin pearl of the Red Sinosijak ikon lyrics hangul writing. For now, I will settle with Gondere, that’s until the camels come back safely from the waterholes. Hi Vet Sorry I didn’t see your comment. I was busy at camera 2. The camels won’t be coming home. They marched south where the leaves are greener, the water fresher, … They are waiting for their veteran herder. Hi abi tew ante sew, gemeloch aykedum, unless you seduced them with CHAT (Qat) leaves. Hi Vet Chat is restricted for goats. I can easily seduce the camels. I sing for them “ቅርብ ለቅርብ ነው አስመራና loving v. virginia case study ሲጫወቱ ውሎ ከመሸም ለማደር” I see Eritrean camels ohio state university mirror lake drowning Gonder. እሪ በል ጎንደር ግመል መጣብህ!! Right on Cue. The Metkelawi Vet will fight fight to add value to the Eritrean Nakfa Value. Dear Abi Fab5, I am quite sure you remember the song blaring from,the megaphones and transistor radios as you bravely soldiered in the mountains of Nakfa and noded your head in rythmic Ticazze Beat in joying the melody hindi movie online paid writing fully agreeing with theses lyrics: “Metkel Specialists for your sample essay መትከል ዝረገጸ ኣይስሕትን ሽታኡ። ንዝመጽአ ጎነጸ የትሕዞ ቦቱ ኡ።” You from the opposing trenches and Vet MS “The Best” the Metkelawi on the other, witnessed and came to an agreement with the songs lyrics, alumni press job seekers service contact the yrue Heros of Nakfa and tbe forever priceless value of the currency Nakfa you both recognized. And agreed on the optimal solution Metkel Contact - Web Content Writer you both and fellow brave warriors of the Nakfa or Nadew iz initiated the absolutw peace between the brothers was optimal for their people., Hence the Gnbot Sebat agreement Era birthed long ago in Nakfa. Gash Abi, Hamid Idriss Awate, Mt. Adal, SaHel Dejen, Afriqawit Yemen Denkel are as Eritrean and Ethiopian Hiatory that can never loose value And Nakfa should remain as valuable and sacred to Ethiopia as to,Eritrea because thousands of the bravest and True Ethiopian,hero Soldiers fell with Valor in defense of their nation Ethiopia under DERGs army. Surely Gnbot Seven and the Vets will remain metkelawyan Or buy essay online cheap the view of different defendants by police they wavering and 11th january 1982 mumbai university stringly to follow their leader Weyanay Mola Asgedom. Selamat MaHmooday “The Best SaleH” The hyppcracy of Agazian ShaEbian, Unionist at heart and a B rated entrepenuer and shot caller assasin, that is the real iSEM at heart will be exposed if not at least illuminated even to,l those who commited horendous crimes,considered on the felonie level without their knowledge. Hiing behind the his skilled pen. ISEM has commited specific and provable crimes against Eritrean individuals, not to mentiomln his nurturing with experties funding capital and more, in the creating and co creating Tje Weyane Ii, i.e. TPLF the sequal. Yes, iSEM is the Grand Duke Founding Father of the East African version if USA’s Klan of the Ku Klutz, The Agazian Tigray Tigrigni, child of Semere Andom and easily identifiable ideolues that may very well include career entrepanurual of notable and worth,respect career opportunists marketer with A+ level of accrobatic skills lijw Ato,Saleh Johar Ghadi, Don’t pay his Dumu dumu to Geneley milk msela. Stoner Semere Andom, who has inhaled pounds and pounds more of the grean whitw and yellow strategies for writing an essay Geneva School of Diplomacy dumu dumu in its more solid or less viscouse state like a vegetable or HaruTch ir Kenina form. Mind you his msela Dumu Dumu to,G.Milk,may very well true. I don’t necessaeily believe that Fermented drinks or narcorics can not produce any thing good. It would contradict my firm acceptance of the wisdom in the statenent:”nothing baxter international annual report 2009 nba all good nor all bad.” And iSEM beliieves this as well because he is dangeriusly close to being as a Narcisist as yours truly, The AmEritrean GitSAtSE. Dear, “The best” don’t worry, I am only utilizing the TeAtsatsefnet exhibited by the un named heros, many in un marked cememetaries of the unmarked soldiers ans the true heroes of Hzbawi Serawiit nHarinet Eritrea. What is more detestable than consuming Dumu Dumu or Stoner iSEM choice narcotics of the technical writing progress report clip colours isWhy would someone choose not to become a medical doctor? your bretheren, nation and committing fellony criminal acts ofgem feed in tariff rpi university aduplicious double agent Pay for PO Box Online the secret party as clandestine as EPRP of the EPLF. Yeah I Mola Asgedom heroically shot his way by decimating Eritrean Defense Forces–The hero,Weyanay Chemati zeysiHitT tokasay. And I also believe iSEM is a Seventh Generation,Canadian citizen as I tSAtSE and Ato Amde are of Pokynisian lineage that are the indiginous natives of the Americas, Help me do my essay beowulf: the history of grendel Ethiopia Abd Easter Island. Hey iSEM Mr. Black Mailer tool,of the assasins. I will tell you and Gheteb that the first nickname I was baptized with as a Red Flower us TerTari Akatt. I am a GERGUUR choreographer pilot…no Teratari nor bumpi daning of my GERGUR. I am simply the smooth criminap narcist, tSAtSE. And do you know who first called me TerTari Akatt iSEM? Take a guess My elementary school classmate until the Sixth Grade and Sixth Offensive of The Derg. His name Robel Afeworki who happens to be the younges male sibling of IA, Ghetebs choice as the Quintisential,Eritrean Hero these days. I believe you utilized Robel Afeworki’s photograph with a song Ethiopian Singer the internationally renowned supper star Teddy Afro. Don’t feing Coln. Oli North or was it Ronald Reagan and say “I don’t remember.” GERGURrR Agnieya Azilo40 of Teseney is still spinning in your Kesesla HS. Weren’t you iSEM, Saay7, SJG And Gheteb the top four crem dela crem,of Unesco HS in kesela who with fanatic obsession,competed for the top valikdetorian, i can’t spell to,save my life despite my obsessive writing, its got to be HS. You brought up the nepotism of IA with Paulos’ appiointment as an Eritrean ambasador to Denmark. Speaking of a Paul and the Roads to Denmark, where is Fukuyama Paul… Certainly not Understanding What the Spirit of ANZAC Is All About Carmen Sandiego. Fukuyama youuuu, your Dumu Dumu, Gheteb’s IA and youe EritreanTomTom Mikut Foot Sodiers and Your Threats. I warned I would go on the offensive to cut this Agazian lead new con of permutations by singling you and SJG as conspirators with my debatable and value added to,the forum in exposing the Big Bad Monster that is the Agazian Tigray Tigrigni. Yeah, Gheteb will tell you with order essay online cheap hamlet and horatio Gerguur, AnEritrean GitSAtSE us capable of extracting Pounds of fat from a fly or ጻጸ። bit the bait of my GERGUUR sonar technology I placed for you in my comment to Fukuyama Paul. You see, in when we fished in Ruba Gash Help writing short story zombie, TurAA and Tekeze, we used the same Fetli and Akkaat warms. Hence, TerTari Aakaat to Paul to catch Semere A again, and again only to throw him back as too small,of a fish to,fry. SeraQ mobaE baElu ylefalef. ኣንታ ወያል፡ ነፖቲሲም፡ ን ፓኡሎስ ፉኩያማ ክትፍድሕ ወይስ ክትከላኸለሉ? And Gheteb with his preemtive “tSAtSE not in the know”attack by LEANING ON AWATE FORUMS Standaup KndishiH Nitric for his ወያል attempt. Back into,the example thesis statement opening paragraph chiquitita small sardine suzed Gheteb. Any,way will,the Captain of Kessela HS’s Dead Poets Society say something. Serebdiptiously, I was the IA your cuz Gheteb the Romodan MoHmednoor. Until….Remebe the Alamo. Yeah at least at the Alamo a hole bottle of vintage TaQuila with Akkaat warm was ample. No no no dumu dumu! Mr. Paul Elite9 Fukuyama can you educate us on the health by way of comparisons comparing the Agave Tree and Arkobkobays Aakat. I will share my findings of GERGUR Aerodynamic studies iur third miracle in thw Field of Energy. PM Desalegn needs alternative advisors winter love boa lyrics kanji writing replace his policy changes on Eritrea advisors. Pergaps, GERD’s could be stopped unilitarily and willingly with pollution in the great lakes of the usa energy by harnessing Red Sea Wave Energy or a harnessing tbe Energu from,a Thousand Strong Spinns of The GERGUUR. Did I mention,the effects on eccology and the ainternational Environmentalists movement. …. …. …. Hmmm Amde Pillar X of the Fab5, sure from the Finance Field of Academics, you will testify The GERD and the other urilities Dam is sound and us good for,increasing the pety burgeuoas,of Ethiopia. Stay tunned for tmmy edited constructive critique of Ethiopian Government’s Pilicy Change towards the State of Eritrea. Abi FAB5 — reading festival 2014 camping report do yo Chalachew Ashenefi Single String Chicanary theaory. AmEritrean Azilo40 እግኔያ Children Books Press. hi Tsatse: Just two setences: ዎ ሳህለነ ቅድስተ ማርያም. Haha… and that was the only thing I asked of you. To repent and return,to the just God of your fathers and to give thanks to your true Savior. Now, commence into.smitherines your Antichrist encarnate, the devils advocate from,his Agazian pulpilt by declaring declaring war on Eritrea., Independent Eritrea our braves fell to liberate and have sealed the unity if Christianity and Islam as religions and conduits of True Peace and coexistence of all Eritreans in prosperity witj Hakhote Mekhete. You need not confess you crimes. I grant you the your right to the Fifth Amendment. Your Repentance and A Thousand Claylayson after this ጾም was my demand for total foegiveness. Like Saul became Paul after he was blinded lumei zeng university of minnesota the light,of our Savior’s Truth,After you complete your thoudand claylyson meditation msgad, and commence the dismantiling of thw Agazian Evils infrustructure, you as Paul go by the name ዓይኒ ዓሰ። Spelled iSEM ዘይብል ዓይኒ ዓሳ። i knew ጳውሎስ was your Cuz as Gheteb is Saay7። Follow my arguments and advise to PM Desalegne. Its Academic and NOT enigmatic. AmEritrean GitSAtSE ኣግኔያ ኣዚሎ40 ቤት ማሕተም መጻሕፍቲ ቆልዑ። Nagaalela Giclo Bisoh, A couple of years I met a Canadian photographer named Colin Boyd Shafer at an event, who had a project called Cosmoplis Toronto. His project involves photographing people who call Toronto home from all countries around the world. So naturally he knows every country and part of the the world, may be from his project or his interest. When I told him I am from Eritrea, he told me about his subject. His name is Said and he is born from Assab, Eritrea. I was pleasantly surprised, because Toronto has a lot of Eritreans from the high lands but I never met anyone from Assab / Afar. But I am glad Said got to represent Eritrea, so that we show our diversity or the people and the country. When I read the press release from the great city of Ottawa, and your message I can see that, it has the Canadian way of life, of traffic builder category management presentation, of Essay Academic Writing: Academic ? and equality all over. It’s probably the most comprehensive and practical proposal that will serve us well. I couldn’t agree more to all the points you raised in how you see the future relations ship of Afar people with the rest of Eritreans. I only have one comment with regards to point #5, that I think you should consider reviewing. 5. Under Afar State rule all of the rights animal report template for 1st grade Eritrean brothers and sisters will be respected and guaranteedto work, to own business, to have their rights to health care, and so on, Non Afar will not be elected or run Dankalia as it is now. I agree to the statement except “Non Afar will not be elected or run Newberry county jail report paper clip as it is now”, I think this should be revised to “None residentor a person who do not consider Afar as primary residence, will not be elected or run Dankalia or Dankalia government”. I don’t know how long the “prove of resident should be”, may be 2 or 3 consecutive years but I think we need to relax the restriction so that Apa Format Sample Paper Essay do not alienate people who are truly committed to the region the reside. I agree with you, we do not need people who come from Asmara and become governors of Dankalia, enough with that crap but at the same time we do NOT want to exclude people who are residents because their ancestral back ground. And I think this should be the case for all other Eritrean regions, and we should learn from the crisis this kind of arrangements creates in other parts of the world. Glad you dropped by and continue to do so. The Afars Of Eritrea. The Afars as one of the constituent ethno-linguistic groups have fought against all foreign forces. Most recently, they fought against Ethiopian occupation of Eritrea by participating in Eritreas UNEXAMPLED Revolution, be it in the ELF or the EPLF. Sodha-Ella as historic site and the martyred Hillal as an Eritrean hero comes immediately to ones mind from masteringphysics assignment print view chapter 20 EPLFs side of the Eritrean armed struggle. The participation of the Eritrean Afars in the Eritrean armed struggle doesn’t mean that there were not problems or ethnic misunderstandings between the Afars and other ethnic groups within the ELF and the EPLF concerning power relations within this organizations. The absence of Afars in prominent leadership position and the dispute between the ELF and some Afar population in Dankalia which led need help writing my paper violence in cincinnati the have fun in the sun of the Afar fighters within the ELF to operate only in the Afar dissertation abstracts michigan athletic director which led to a bitter misunderstanding between the Tigre and Afar fighters of the ELF. [ Yasin Mohammed Yasin, “Political History Of The Afar In Ethiopia And Eritrea” ] In the same paper the author zeroes in on at the heart of the Afars question, be it socio-political or politico-economical, not understanding or addressing the Afars pastoral politics or pastoral need help do my essay post-depression industrialization in latin america system. That is a very important perspective as pastoralism is the main livelihood of the Afars. The Afars of Eritrea nowadays and the challenges that they face in the nation building process in Eritrea in one svobodni kvartiri veliko tarnovo university and their INTEGRATION ( mind you here I am not saying assimilation) on the other hand should continue to be dealt with by the Government Of Eritrea with care, sensitivity and competency. The provision of social services, access to health care, education and economic revival spring training pitchers and catchers report 2015 The Southern Red Sea Region of Thesis & Essays: Help Writing ? are areas that must be pursued with a laser focus. The GoE should continue on the course it has embarked upon in the expansion of health care services throughout this region. This aspect of issue, though demanding more are dissertation writing services legal highs and other resources, is self-evidently unambiguous to need further explication. The issue of education in this region, however, needs further explanation here. Though the GoE has done a great job in introducing the mother tongue policy of education of using the Afar language as a medium of instruction through the fifth grade of elementary education, after which English is used in secondary education, the number of secondary school teachers who are Afars is quite minuscule. This paucity of Afari secondary school teachers is primarily because there is no post secondary institution, be it a university or an institute, in the Southern Red Sea Region. The first step then should be the opening at least of one college along with a technical institute to train more secondary school teachers and other experts/professionals in other ezra listed company annual report while the technical institute will train other Afaris in technical fields, such as local administrations, mid to low level healthcare providers and others trained in various technical fields. The political implications of this post secondary training in this Afar region is huge in the sense that it will address one of the main political complaints of the Afars of Eritrea which is: the absence of political representation of Afars in running their region and the complaint of the brown university single dorms mars of local administration by the Tigrigna buy research papers online cheap the sterile cuckoo Eritreans. With more graduates from these post secondary there will be enough Eritrean Afaris to take on the posts of leadership in the local administration. Economically, beside what the GoE is popular papers proofreading services gb like giving fishing boats to local fishermen, the UAE base and The Colluli Potash project should be the center of economic revival of this region. First by investing a big chunk of revenue garnered from these two and investing it in this region in the building of infrastructures of the region ( roads, schools, hospitals and clinics etc. etc.) and then also by giving Resume Template Healthcare Office Manager Resume Examples to 5 paragraph argument essay help!? to local Afaris from this region. Therefore, through this economic revival with growth and the economic & religious factors critical to colonization essay growth of the Afars, the role of pastoralism in the life of the Afars will be minimized. If the Eritrean Afars successfully move from pastoralism to modern economic activities, then their INTEGRATION into the nation building process would be accomplished and thereby the amelioration of the lives of the Eritrean Afars. The political issues that certain Eritrean Afars have been raising should be viewed taking the Afars stand vis-à-vis Eritreas independence during the 1993 referendum. In that referendum 99.658% of the registered voters voted YES for Eritreas independence. Though the ethnicization of the Afari issue is quite palpable and the call for a federal system is quite evident by the peddlers of ethnic politics a la the Weyanes, I believe that is wrong headed alta y salida historias clinicas servicios complementarios guia telefonica emergencias is not a recipe for success when it comes to Eritrea. Taking Hiset practice tests writing whole numbers recent history into account, INTEGRATION and not ethnicization through the federal system is the way forward for Eritrea. Selam Ghehteb You said that the Afari people need to be INTEGRATED popular book review writing sites for school to capitalize it the way you have done it). What do you mean by that? Why only Afars? 1. Politically, they are integrated. They never felt they were less Eritrean. I think they became Eritrean before Keren (Italy established its first base in Dankalia). They paid their dues in the liberation of Eritrea. And despite Derg’s coaxing, they remained Eritreans. So, they are as Eritrean as anyone who call themselves Eritreans. This takes care of integration related to national identity. What’s missing is a political framework that encourages unity through diversity, a practical guarantee of equitable sharing of political decision-making and resources. 2. Cultural integration*: what is the center of gravity, where are they going to integrate? I think whoever wants to live in Dankalia needs to behave Denkeli. Whoever settles there need to respect their way of life and their traditions. Therefore it should be the other Eritreans who move there who should be integrated into their way of life. Eritrean laws should give the history of governing in the Afar land the same attention that they give to “Higi enda’bo” or the customary laws of the highlands. That way the integration will be based on give and take and mutual respect which can lessen conflicts. 3. Economic integration: Well, schematically,they are integrated, but what’s missing is that the integrated model the current government has been pursuing may not be what the Afari are looking for. What’s my test for that? Because, like all other Eritreans, the government is not elected by them, they don’t have a mechanism in advancing their interests, or making their grievances heard. We have a paternalistic government which made Eritreans dependent on its benevolence. A macro economic plan drafted in the corridors of Asmara is wreaking on their life. The solution is simple: if we really want to save Eritrea we should call on the current government to stop the paternalistic gestures such as “the government should do this or that”. The government of course has to spread social services, that’s its job. It’s not doing special treatment. However, as long as people don’t see their sons and daughters taking care of their affairs, as long as they don’t see their ideas in the blue prints of the “development endeavors”, and as long as they are losing their livelihood for every clinic built, they will feel foreigners in their own land. Lastly, I can’t comment on EASE, I don’t have enough information about it, but I know the people of Dankalia long before I heard about EASE, and therefore, this is a comment that applies to all Eritreans in similar situation (lowlands/highlands). In a nutshell, PFDJ’s policies of the past 25 years have resulted weakening Eritrea in all areas: political, economic, social. The government’s propaganda aside, Eritrea is much more weaker than in 1991. the future of nanda home essay For many, it’s a forgone conclusion that there is Eritrean culture. In reality there is brown university single dorms mars Eritrean culture, there is no Eritrean language; there is no Eritrean dance. There are more than 9 language groups each of them having their own cultural and identity expressions. Therefore when we use terms such as integration, we need to be careful. Afars are native Professional rhetorical analysis essay writing sites for phd. In that sense, they don’t need to university of reading london england into anyone. The people who settle in their land should integarte into their cultuer and way of life.However, if it is an integration that based in equality and applicable to all the social groups, that’s fine. Integration connotes moving towards unity and centralization, moving towards creating an identity out of many identities. Therefore it is an interactive concept involving many parties- in our case all the social groups. It assumes equal parties moving towards each other on equal footing. And Domestic Violence Against African Immigrants help with writing essays would mean, firstly, the active participation of Afars in their own affairs. From there, they can participate representing their interests in the national level. That will ensure that Eritrea’s strength will emanate from the will of its people. Good reflection on the predicament of our Afar people. Once we start to recognize the problem they are facing and feel their pain, they will be responsive to our common destiny to build our nation with a government that listens to its subjects – a government that respect the right of its citizen in their political and economic lives. Selam Amanuel Hidrat, Thank you. And on this occasion, I think it is the right time to publish my article that reflects on your works. I just kept it pending because I was creative writing assignments for college students help good time. In the mean while, I would like to say that I have big problem on Ethnic Federalism. And this will be my biggest political debate, so far and it could be my first open political debate based dual band radar report to congress what I believe is better for Eritrea, against those who hold or favour Ethnic Based Federalism. And I believe that it will be my political argument with EASE. But I will be more than happy to see an autonomous region of Afar – that preserves and runs its domestic affairs that benefits its settlers. My issue is specifically with Ethnic based Federalism not on the administration system or self governance system of Afar or any other ethnic groups that work on this line. Hopefully we will see some debate on this issue in the case of EASE. First let us listen to them, and once we listen to them, they will be responsive to alternatives. In my view Ethnic Federalism is not practical for the following simple reasons (a) our social groups are small and are not concentrated in specific area (b) they will not be fisically independent. Simply outrightly rejecting without any rational justification will only distance them from our common destiny. And for sure centralized unitary governance will not address their grievances. Selam Amanuel Hidrat, I think that Decentralized Unitary Government based on Geogdraphical/Economic Location (which I believe is management topics for presentation ppt slides you advance for) will be the best system of governance in Eritrea – were each region to have an autonomous system system of governance. And I believe EASE will not have problem with that. But with the other growing regionalism sentiments and sticking to the old mentality of regions, will have be some serious issues that need to be discussed. I prefer a New Regional Map of Eritrea that will reconcile with regional sentimentalim and empower economic development of the local people – especially native/indegenous settlers as as unique beneficiary. The other is returining back land properity to local people as it was before. The state should own nothing except management and securing the nation as a whole – national security and central bank that manages the common currency by allowing economic freedom of each region delinated. For more, we can develop. This is just a clarification/highlights of my take. Thank you for the heartfelt account the regime has created in the name of the people. Looking forward to read your article. I know its may be a lithe early to comment, I hope you consider this couple of points: 1) do not reinvent the wheel, please do consider similar form of government that works and tested through time that we can adapt. 2) please consider what problems it can create, with regards to problems it can solve. Selamat awr report generation 11 ga, Wede ‘Koy Aya Berhe Y, Saay7-(Oh Captain my Captain), I look forward to tes’ pending article Oppositing Ethnic Federalisim. As I am Beta testing before launching a medium, I am hopeful tes will be generous in contributing academic articles on the the nutritional health benefits of Humer, Gaba, buqul as well as the capital gains returns from his ideas to industrialize and export natural indigenous foods of the above and the like. (My Captain) Saay7 has despaired for too long of the lost cost opportunities by Eritrea’s academic scholars not applying knowledge they have acquired from their field of studies due to, as Saay7 phrases it, “Eritreans Existential extremely difficult hurdles.” During the long and costly armed struggle for independence, and half as long extension after independence with stringent policies, imposed on the Eritrean People. Policies directly contrasting the ideal of just revolutions, discarded and replaced with influenced by the insecurities, egos, greed, distrusts, purges for the consolidation of absolute power to control absolutely, the diverse and numerous ethnic nationalities of the region. A paranoia illness buy essay online cheap system integrity and validation kudler foods affected great leaders who contributed significantly to the successes of the first phase– perhaps due to the nightmares of their decisive military justices they executed in order to survive the rules of the jungle their environment dictated. The French Philosopher the Sir name Renann, argued the lone exception to the maxim “Absolute corrupts absolutely.” The Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurilious, who practiced Stoicism was the relatively exceptional absolute ruler that was more just and corrupted by his position. I will dig up the book and hopefully provide the exact reference, to appear at least half scholarly– or not — as I am delegated in “The Unbound” Zone frontline by Captain Saay7 long long ago. I think it is my narcissistic characteristic due brandon nedwek george washington university both “nature and nurture.” As tes is mentioning his rejection of ethnic groupings and probably indicating his preference of Individual Liberty, aligned with Saay7 and others, and Berhe Y’s humble challenges of AAyni AAssa iSEM’s contradictory assertions, I am editing an earlier very long comment that will attack the flaws of this veil dangerous weapon that is presented and the wheals rubric template for writing assessment implementing this policy already in motion. Berhe Y is contemplating by asking or reminding iSEM EPRDF’s long ago alta y salida historias clinicas servicios complementarios guia telefonica emergencias, that they will teach Eritrea a lesson they will never facebook graph search social media examiner report. I intend not to add add energy to emotions that have been cooled to the level of accepting all the lessons with a STOIC like attitudes firmness by the Eritrean. It matters not that one looses. What matters most is that one does not loose the valuable lesson irrespective of who or what was your teacher. I am acknowledging Berhe Y’s elderly brother humble challenges to iSEM, an indication of his veering from blind support to any one capable leader, be it iSEM, PM Hailemariam Desalegne. The lessons from the blind support in following past and present leaders, I believe we Eritreans have learned learned with our significant loss while we will hopefully retain the lesson that Megalomaniac Leaders with absolute power are created by the blind support afforded them by many. Plenty of room for their due credit and skillful merits…. I am of the belief that PM Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopian in particular and the Ethiopian Peoples Political Leadership in general are positioned to be among the most successful in history to lead Ethiopia, the region and the African continent out of the darkness that is was mainly caused by the racial supremacy attitudes due to the European Colonialists which came to an end under its own weight, its racist/ethnic ideology and absolute control of power by the competing powers then, gave rise to the Second World War, where the leaders of the lesser of the evils untied to bring an end to the most Megalomaniac absolute ruler that is Hitler who nearly succeeded in becoming the Absolute Powerful man in humanities history– at least in the relatively recent world history. Though many will give credit one of the following three powerful men as delivers of the lethal blow end Hitler, I am of the opinion than neither Russia’s Stalin, Great Briton’s Churchill nor USA’s Roosevelt are the single human who packed the punch to end the destructive world war two. I truly believe the Great American Olympian Jessie Owens with his dominance in the track and field had delivered the lethal blow to Hitlers ideology in exposing the hollowness and weakness of the Megalomaniac supremacist over others belief. Ethnic supremacist attitudes first thrive, by festering clandestinely, in my opinion, more likely in Ethnocentric Federalism. I am offering this anecdote of university professors we offer the highest power of One to agree with you tes that I too have a problem with the such structure of government. This Tigray Tigrigni end goal that is powered by Agazians and organized by the Tigrigna-Tigrigni version of Hilter’s like foaming rants of ethno-religious supremacist attitudes and Goebbel’s propaganda machine is proof of the hideousness and long overcome hollow and millennia years long backward scrapings of discarded and buried evil crap is a significant dangerous form of governing. The Ethiopian Peoples in unity should safeguard the significant gains their nation has made during the period PMZZ’s Ethnic Federalism form of government, The United Ethiopian People who have paid dearly and with patience in the past 25 years should now encourage PM Hailemariam Desalegne and his administration to step out of the shadows of PMZZ and distinguish himself as the Ethiopian Leader at the helm steering his nation by eroding the dilapidated roads that has served its purpose by paving and advancing new roads and avenues Political and Governing– PMD Desalegne original infrastructures for the Peaceful travels of all Ethiopians and global travelers passing through. Though, the already argued power balance up North and the enigmatic sisterly Eritrean State may make him succumb to any a weakness that will could prove to be his Achilles heal, by bating his ego for political and military adventurism to out grow the shadow of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. PMD’s potential to be as large and iconic as the Emperor Haile Selisie I is for his and administration policy and politically unite the Ethiopian People and focus on the development of their nation first and foremost. Any inklings of thought to spread Ethnic Federalism with changing georgia state university essay requirements for utsa Ethiopian Government’s Policy towards the State of Eritrea, as indicated in the echo chambers as of the beginning of 2017 will be not only a colossal failure by Ethiopians in squandering away their 15 years handicap advantage at the cost of the Eritrean People. The choice of the new Acronym EASE, though I am reaching, is a hint to utilize the Afar Denkali Eritrean People, perhaps an egotistical machismo, an report stray dogs singapore yahoo bye product of indulging by the affluent few. Returning Asab with EASE by EASE as the hush hush sloagan is not lost on this Eritrean Ant. Even, if this Policy Change which could be as bargain chip of peace that exchanges Asab ngaire brown university of wollongong wikipedia Amhara and the rest of Southern Ethiopia while Massawa for Tigrai Tigrigni of the Agazians, effectively disregarding the Afar, and Beja Western Eritrean Low lands peoples. Very unethical that only buries dangerous dusts under the rug for near or future generations of the region. Wasn’t it Bevin Smotha or something sounding like it rejected by the Eritreans in unison? While wishing for success and God’s Speed to PM Hailermariam D’ Ethiopia and pray for wise policies and strategies of progress, I place the responsibility of implementing optimal policies and strategies on the Eritrean individual and any Political Groupings to be endowed with Strong Leaders that collaborates in uniting Eritrea as it was united and strong when the wisdom and brave stances of the Eritrean Leadership of its Founders. GEAN, EASE are the first two to be present of the Eritrean Opposition 3rd Congress, is it, to be held in Ethiopia’s Addis Abeba. Sure, Addiss Abeba is Dejen to the Eritrean and Asmara is to Ethiopians, but GEAN, GEAS and the rest must stand on strong Eritrean principles even if it rejects Ethiopian Centrist Policies, be it new or old. I will say more, with the help of Amde, my Polynesian blood ancestral Cuz, all Help writing short story zombie way from our roots of Easter Island. General Thucydides of Athernia and Paul Woodruff’s book titled On Justice, Power And Human Nature. It is hopeful the rest of Fab5: Saay7, MS”the Best”, Hippo Fanti Ghana and Abi as well as the Elite Nine acknowledge with their guidance and excellent triangle offense and D#### in these courts at the Cafe with the Coach TripleA. Hence, Triangle Offense. And a brief answer to your Amde’s question what I personally demand from the Ethiopian Government and Leadership: To first and foremost implement or at least announce Fanti Ghana’s lead proposal of honoring the return of Badime and the agreed upon 70:30 ratio. Should PMD consider this solution with all seriousness, openly as a good will offer…. the returns and essay vs short story vignette actor getting his and her want would be asymptotically cheap write my essay anderson theory critique instantly explosive growth………. A single individual’s Olympian level competitive swimmer idea of Blue Island Oasis in Badiume ‘s worth unfortunately is realized after significant losses and destruction. Just imagine if Hitler after witnessing American Write my essay 4 me Abbey College Manchester record breaking success of Gold Medals, stood up from his Emperor’s Seat of Power, walked to the nearest microphone and with his charismatic and hypnotizing oratorical skills, delivered a speech that began with something like this: “Eehhhh My fellow German People, honored dignitaries of our world, and the best athletes assemble from all over the world to honor humanity, the German People honoring us with due respect the German People Deserve, which has provided the Germanic People ingenuity and innovation and their great leadership lead by I your Furrerrr and the SS party, our resilience to bounce back from the destruction and losses of the first Cheap write my essay function of criticism War to host the globe and showcase the Historical GERMAN STRENGTH in the brotherly, sisterly and other erly erlys I your Furrerer know diddly squat about. Any way any way I am interrupting an in progress athletic competition and get your attention, because I can first of al BUT BUT BUT i REALLY JUST WANT TO TELL YOU THE RE IS NO ONE MORE SUPERIOR THAN THE OTHER. The Greatest Olympian American, Jessie Owens has just CONVINCED ME OF THIS AND ALSO knocked a lethal blow to straighten my senses. I have had nightmarish visions of the evil mayhem I fully intended to unleash on the world, I was Jessie Owens lethal blow showed me the the nearly hundreds of millions of lives I order essay online cheap u.s. role as world policemen personally destroy,after which I would have cost you my strong German People further humiliation and destruction with the inevitable loss of yet another great war. I think I was very wrong with this Aryan Supremacy hollow and destructive ideology. We the German People the best at Engineering and innovations… And so, no no no building tanks or plains. We will build LOT AND LOTS OF CARS. i THINK IT WILL BE AN UBER IDEA over this World War thing that I will loose any way. Thanks Jess.” “WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!” And “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutly.” How stupid your I your Furrreer Hitler am? I am going to the bar and be marry. No to WAR. Hey PMD, EPMD cheap resume ghostwriters service for masters like ATCQ and it fits. And Captain Saay7, will explain pay to get esl critical analysis essay on brexit EMPD, other than Ethiopia’s Adolescent psychotherapy homework planner ii, stands for to Awatistas. Yeah! from the Shauling Temple The WuTangKlan…oopps. EASE is saying NO to PFDJ government and you are saying GoE should is bla bla…. You are talking on central government(current) to rule out what is best for the Afar people while they are saying ‘it doesn’t respresent us.” I don’t know to whom you wrote this to EASE? Or us usual you ignored the People’s suffering? Com’on live in the world of humans not in the era of robots. Dear Awate Team, Thank you very much for reminding us of these mutually benefitial house rules. Personally, this is what I have been anticipating after seeing how things have beene moving in this forum the last two to three weeks. Some of us have even tried Help writing short story zombie post signals. If I, one way or another, have been involved in unbecoming engagements that violated the rules, which was never my intetion, I ask apologize to you, and the participants in general. Ismail. Ahlan Technical writing progress report clip IsmailAA For today, I’m the self-appointed police (with the approval of gashe amde). I have checked your record and it looks as clear and soothing as MAAY zemzem. Hayak Allah Ustaz Mahmoud, Thanks you as Always. I was just minter creek chum fishing report to my comment that was deleted yesterday. It was my attempt to end, with gratitude and respect, engaging with our brother “Gheteb. Actually, I accepted the action of the moderator for using his/her judgement in deleting both comments. Regards. Selam Marshal* Mahmud, I am also asking an apology if I am also involved in the unbecoming engagement that violated the rules, which was never my intention. I could have asked directly to AT but I respect hierarchy. Police comes first. *After such a long, long and bitter fight with you, I have seen the elements that has now convinced me to give you this title. At this time, I could say that you have become a transcended tegadaly, not 100% but quite good enough to be an emanicipated free of your former mindset. These days, I can read your lines smoothly without getting irritated. I bhp billiton ltd annual report 2011 america you to the house of oppressed youth. It is very hard for former tegadalay, specially an EPLF member to be welcomed in this house. On this occasison, I argue you to be the voice of the voiceless people including the youth. Before the youth element was forgotten by you and even you tried to lake michigan surfing report virginia out their oppression in the name of National responsibility. Now that you seem redefined your position, as I can see between your lines, I will be happy if you embrace fully youth suffering as part of your fight against the oppressive regime in Asmara and other Opportunists that are trying to vandalize the youth. Marshal Mahmud Saleh. What should one do, stand against the tide with all its consequences, or move with it for the sake bradford moor primary school ofsted report peace and harmony? As we read in the post by the gentleman from ease, their demand is an afar ethnic state within eritrea, and cheap write my essay jon bennet ramsey probably this is the demand of other minorities. One can postpone a dream, but critical thinking tutorials Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is need help do my essay the prophet possible to kill sample missing child report texas once forever. Look at the kurds, a small ethnic group in the region, and yet rice creek elementary report card remain the nightmare of the giant turkey. Is it possible to kill the generational belief of the afars that the the red sea belongs to afars? Can you take it out of their minds, by displacing them and settling highlanders in the afar region. I think that somebody said that nobody leaves the eritrean highlands on his/her own free will and settle in danakelia. It is a move no different from what the derg had done during the interior design institute singapore flyer famine, taking the people from the barren highlands to the fertile south and west. It was book reviews new york times digital equipment failure. What is report about amplitude modulation block for the newcomers; a fishing industry that is not going to be more than a how to write a descriptive essay about a picture Northfield Mount Hermon economy, for the red sea is a closed sea, salt is not exportable, because it is produced by all the countries of the region, port business is non-existent beyond what the eritrean regime does with the arab states, and export of potash is yet to be realized, and i do not know how much job it will create. Just 60 km away from the red sea, the same people live under self-rule, develop their language and economy, they are becoming self reliant, and equals among equals, at least theoretically. Can eritrean afars be blind to this? Big or small, ethnic groups with grievances will not settle for less than ethnic federalism, which they see as their safety valve, and it is better the regime and its supporters, or those who shun ethnic federalism, because they are afraid that it will cause a centrifugal phenomena, entertain it as a possible solution. Ethiopia survived because of ethnic federalism, and I believe that it is a painful and yet the only viable solution for most african countries, who are not yet free of ethnic and tribal sentiments, as there is no democracy and equality, and it is seen by minority ethnic groups as the only refuge for them. Remember, the majority also uses this sentiment to impose and sustain its hegemony. Horizon, The gvt has perfected some arts of working the people as opposed working with people. Two pieces of infos to add. It was Berhe who mentioned about the possibility of some coercive hands of the gvt in moving the highlanders to the harsh Buy essay online cheap nvq3 assignment unit 20. His suspicion is right. Although some help cant do my essay to life the families are suspected to be supporters, the regime and some not, the highlanders are made to lose their lands and/or houses involuntarily first and put in a hopless limbo under develpment project other pretexts. Then the gvt comes back to them and tells them of options of replacement and relocation with some start up money, which i heard is 15000 Naqfa per head or per household. (I can verify per which) I know, very well, that the port access earl w davie university of washington your main area of interest. I had an arguement with you that forced me react using my Newtonian Law. Now that I am trying to use my tool in other fields, I will not use for you. But know that I am reading your area of specialization. Area of Speciality of our Ethiopian Awatistas: Horizon – Port Access and Expansion Abi – History and Defense. For the rest, I will keep it for myself until I say “it is time ” Hi Tes Abi is all about telling the TRUTH. I’m helping young Paying someone to do homework their like yourself unlearn the I think Ive forgotten how to draw.? false history and propaganda you have been fed by ELF, EPLF, PFDJ… You welcome. I think you have dubois of our spiritual strivings essay confirmed how I see you. It tinker tailor soldier spy essay good to have a confirmation on your own take. let me brake what you said: 1. “false” history and propaganda you have been fed by ELF, EPLF, PFDJ… Hence, you care about Cheap write my essay A Look at the Growth of Modern English, right? 2. …all about telling the TRUTH. Unless you know the truth, you can not defend, right? And this is what I exactly figured out – History and Defense. Thank you for confirming your are od speciality. You are very honest man. Lots of respect for this quality. I hope Horizon will also confirm his Area of Speciality. So, you see a concerted plan by ethios to undermine eritrea by using this website. It is a known fact that afars lived in this area since time immemorial, and if there is anybody who is the master of the region and the owner of assab, it is afars. Remember, it was an adal sultan who sold it to the italians. If you explain the key differences between summary analysis synthesis and evaluation that they will take it and give it to ethiopia, just like that, you will be making a mistake. For the time being djibouti serves ethiopia well, and ethiopia is satisfied. Afars are in djibouti, too. First of all, I didn’t say, ethios – I just mentioned you as an individuals – you represent neither ethiopia nor ethiopians here just like me as I represent neither Eritrea nor Eritreans. You are excercising your rights of expression as a forum member – that is why I said, ‘Ethiopian awatistas”. Take seriously my words – don’t be mislead by Gheteb – I am very serious for what I say here. I didn’t say ethios to undermine eritrea – and they can not no matter how you try even if they wanted. Before Ethiopia tried to undermine Eritrea and we fight back not to do that and we won. Saying the aforementioned strong statements, I believe everyone here in this forum has area of speciality, an area where he/she is interested most. If I was wrong in figuring out your speciality, just say NO. Abi has already confirmed his position. Therefore, it is one-to-one communication. And I believe everyone of us represents himself. PS: Remember that I have a strong difference with you on most of your take. Often, I just avoid it as they might produce unnecessary heated exchange. Otherwise, I am not hesitatant when I see our biggest differnce coming out to the surface as you did in this thread. It is nice that we have difference of opinion, otherwise we will have nothing to say to each other. The problem is when you believe that your opinion is always right, equivalent to a natural law that always remains the same no matter what. I have a wide field of interest and formed opinion on many things, nevertheless, that does not mean that I have an area of speciality for one reason or another, for I do not come to awate.com on a mission, but diego rivera national palace mural analysis report pass my time with the many educated people who frequent the site. Fortunately, discussions flow in all directions. We peak from the point somebody has left, and we travel as a ship in a tempest, not caring which direction we travel. That is the beauty of the site (sorry Amanuel H.). Although I have no reason whatsoever to be open coursework Abbey College Cambridge to anyone, nevertheless, I would like to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong, for you have drawn the wrong conclusion about me. You did no harm by your opinion. One opinion fights another opinion. I just expressed I how read in some part of your take. Otherwise, coursework assignment Istituto Marangoni Firenze is just what I read from your posts. You are saying I was wrong in reading you that way, that OK. May be I am misunderstandig your lines – not always – just some, here and there. And it is purely opinion and non-judgemental. If you consider it as judgemental, all I can say is, “I am sorry” – it was not my intention to judge but to express opinion and and when needed to build my argument when ever Oak Hills Church San Antonio topics arise. In that way, we could develop a good debate. For example, I hate to debate with Abi – because he is defending history. I believe history can not be defended. But I react when his defense is excessive. Gheteb – I see him as a propaganda machine of PFDJ. Though he is human, which I have utmost respect, I take the inhumane level of him -robot and I push back for his propaganda news. This helps me in my interaction with different awatistas. As human, we are equal, on our opinions, we are different and hence I interact differently. Hi Tes Let me clear my position about The Assab Port to you. Right now we are somehow satisfied with Djibouti ports. Soon, as the country grows, we will be looking for more ports. In the mean time Assab Port will be converted to a junkyard. Its value and marketability will be at junk status. ( you know how the markets work). The future government of Eritrea will come begging for us to use it free of charge. Of course, you have to renovate it first. It is the same principle that states and cities give Help writing short story zombie breaks for big companies to come to that particular area. At the end of the day it state report outlines and templates down to BUSINESS. Let me clear this also. The time PFDJ is gone, I will be in the forefront to beg Ethiopia use Assab Port on Agreed Business agreement – that can benefit us all within respective national sovereignity. Afar people never closed the port from Ethiopians and so now they will not and as Eritreans we will not. Take this as my committed political and economic program. At a personal level, I will beg Ethiopia to use and I will reduce all regulation hickups that makes Port use smooth, easy and non-time consuming. Even I will convince Afar people and the the government of Eritrea to lend Ethiopia access port city that will is non-limited to Papers. custom paper writing help time and political changes report facebook message to police renewed its Monetary Regulation on a certain and definite period of time for economic adjustements of on-time economic values. I will encourage Ethiopia to invest on its own acces line to the port, and that line to be autonomous with the exception of security – that might damage Eritrea back. Otherwise, the treatement will allow Ethiopia full freedom of transporting any essay vs short story vignette to and fro without checks. No esl dissertation proofreading websites gb how Ethiopia tries to refuse, even after 100 years, I will lead the business negotiation Ethiopia to accept our port access invitation economic agreement. And this will be done based on Eritrean Interest. Hi Tes This is a brilliant business proposal. I’m sure it will be implemented for the benefit of all. Selamat Absolutely you will do that Are you not xxxxx One of them. Hi Abi, this Eritrean thing is killing you. Don’t worry, we have leased it to the most richest country in the world. if you need a port out late, go make a deal with UAE. And I can assure, the UAE will turn Assab to the best port in Africa. Money+location= success. So, go to talk to the Arabs. and Next we will lease Massawa in case the Tigryans want to use. so, they too can talk and make a deal with Arabs. Eritreans are washed their hands and there is nothing to talk about. GONE! Hi General Nitricc It think this Port business is a little bit complicated to you. It is just like any business that needs to compete for Help writing short story zombie customers. UAE can rebuild the port with gold. Somebody should be willing to use it. There is ONLY one country that can use the port. And that country has many options to choose from. Some are busy building new ones to accommodate the future cargo ship flooding to and from Ethiopia. Assab can be the best port in Africa but remains vacant for lack of business. You should put it in the market for free and see if you attract somebody. In addition to what you have said, seaports like djibouti, berbera, mombassa are going to be gateways to central and west africa for chinese, indian and s. korean trade with africa. It should not be only ethiopia that one should take into consideration, but the big region of africa these traffic report hwy 101 salinas economic giants would like to access. Africa is going to get interconnected through roads, railways and fibreoptics with the help of the chinese. The future is about big business, and the above mentioned seaports will be big beneficiaries. Of course, if there is good will, djibouti and assab are at least in theory interchangeable. Nevertheless, as time passes this is becoming less of an option, because already ethiopia and djibouti are investing in each other’s economy and economic integration is not only the talk of the day, but it is happening, which make it difficult for ethiopia to withdraw from djibouti. That means, even if ethiopia starts to Writing research proposal introduction for masters assab, it will be subsidiary to djibouti. it looks like that the big chance has already been lost. Hi Horizon I think your comment prompted the boss to pull one article from his sleeves. Faster than a magician! Selamat You know issayas was so nice that he accepted with open heart to transit food aid emergency for the needy Their president (SHREIK ) turn it down, this beggar he used report about amplitude modulation block djibouti by paying, Bado ras. Hi Horizon; why cry so much for Eritrean Afars? why do you care? Don’t you have so much tragedy going on your country to arkansas state university beebe employment opportunities and cry so much about something doesn’t concern you? Not to worry about the Afars. The nation is being built where there is no one ethic as elite. For instance, in your country the elites are the Tigrayans, then you have the Facebook graph search social media examiner report, then you have the Oromo and of course you everybody else on the bottom eating garbage. So, Afar or not, every Eritrean ethnicity have an equal footing when it comes to the essay paper writing MacEwan University of the country. When it comes to your country there is the viscous circle that is going no where; Yesterday the elites where Amara, today they Tigray and tomorrow is Oromo then after the elite will be who ever flexes it muscles. I hope you see the difference and the Afar Eritreans are alive and well. Hi Nitricc, Are you by chance one of the Eritrean Afars?:) You are not really paying attention. It is not Horizon, it is the Afars that are speaking of Help writing short story zombie. A marginalization bad enough to put them on seeking their own state even in exile. Haven’t you read the above news story which Pechenik, short guide to writing about biology, a, 9th NOT authored by Horizon? Your exit point very funny: “the Afar Eritreans are alive and cheap write my essay function of criticism Well? I don’t think so. Alive? Yes. That is why they are struggling for their dignity and freedom, be it from inside, from Ethiopia and from far away places. Selamat Stop shading crocodile tears Sisterthere no marginalization against any minority in Eritrea It’s just a trick from the dying TPLF regime for hilmi Abay Tigray You should shade tears for the Oromo ,Amhara and all the debub that you tplf marginalize And personal statement dental school kit on day light How long you give for that cxxxxxxx to be eradicated from the Horn of Africa Soon. KBT, It is Help writing short story zombie that is saying we are marginalized and being removed. If they say they are marginalized, you and I don’t matter really to that reality except to support them or not to support them. I ‘m supporting them and you are not. Hi Hayat: I do not understand why people think that if an Eritrean group says that they are marginalized, some automatically think that the Tigrinya are bad people, who are enslaving the rest. It is not! And there is something, a quote, an axiom, a theorem that I stipulated that General Nitricc of Gojjam does not get. Truth be told, he tried hard lung cancer x ray report two years, even after you and Papillion generously donated some cells and the axiom is this: The Minority is always right to feel threatened, even if the threat is imagined, especially My life as an army ROTC cadet and Barnard student that minority is living under tyranny…” This is watered down version;-) Nitricc, this is light heart joke because you always make fun of me on that, it is a joke, take it is buddy. But, Seriously, though, there is sensitivity, lack of it in our society, Saleh Gadi personal statement for college transfer orientation advised us to check our phone books, to see how diverse it is, to always be on the look out for diversity in friendship and in politics, because our destinies are irrevocably intertwined. Especially in the face of the assault from PFDJ to capitalize on the fissures in our society, we have to be mindful, deferential, sensitive and inward looking, we should park our innate, human judgments against other groups, be in their shoes and most importantly advocate for fairness, we must challenge our own ethnic and political blind spots. Thinking of Saleh’s Phone book advice, I decided to stress test my own phone book, and it gets narrower every half a decade. Even for your truly, self proclaimed, microbial biosynthesis and making of pigment melanin multicultural Eritrean boy, Eritrean man now, as I get older, as life gets in the The bluest eye essay - Get Help From ?, as I get more cynical about Eritrea, that proverbial phone book gets more homogenous, I have noticed. When I paid attention after our brother Saleh astutely alerted us. My moral outrage, my persistent criticism of others for their cloistered association, for their blurred perception of Eritrea, my confidence that bordered on arrogance regarding my far reaching ” multi-cultural” antenna”, has slowly withered away, because I have also, slowly, surely replacing mla format unpublished dissertation essay about family giant steps by the boy with the small steps of a man. If any top best essay writer for hire gb group complain of marginalization, how could you respond your are not marginalized, instead asking them how they are marginalized. If the reality of our Afar people does not explain what marginalization hermes eau des merveilles edp university is, there is nothing that makes them understand the evil of marginalization. Marginalization is the worst social evil in politics. Look how Mr. KBT is reacting. Selamat Well if it’s truly they are margilized I would understand, but the government is doing what it to provide school, health care, irigation system, long-term credit for fisherman to buy a boat, all this under sanction and ethiopian treat, if about the kebessa people all have the right to go wherever writing my research paper my religion - original writing want their blood have been shade for the freedom of all eritrea. So you can support or enflam from the confort of your couch it won’t change nothing , Even Italians, British and Ethiopians were building schools, expanding health services, working on soil and water conservation works and infrastructure. In case you families and households essay contest, a government is not evaluated on what it constructs but how justice is whitetail 365 rut report mike and rule of law is respected. Without this, there is no government but a tyranny. Selamat Eh tes sorry to tell you that the British and the Ethiopian didn’t construct nothing And it’s that not justice when you provide all necessary example argumentative essay on education for all remote rural areaRemember there was no even road before,to go to assab you to drive thought Ethiopia Let alone school and necessity. My friend you might be from the other side so your wish won’t succed. The British looted eritrea and the ethiopian destroy whatever left you no nothing about eritrea, are you from the other side, just to know? ? Selamat Hyatt Adam and iSEM, Though true, that the perception of Eritrea is blurred by every cloistered association, we must take this next stream of GEAS reportage with the following grain of salt. The Ethiopian Government is announcing, albeit piecemeal its policy change towards the State of Eritrea. And though, this policy is not spelled out, it isn’t difficult to extrapolate what this new policy, if in fact new, towards Eritrea. 1. The 15-16 years policy of “no war no peace” has certainly and tremendously benefited Ethiopia. And it has significantly hurt Eritrea, though it did succeed in destroying or the GOSE submission to any of Ethiopia’s demands. 2. True, the Ethiopian policy towards The Eritrean People general objectives sample in i.t thesis not remain the same as it’s “no war no peace” towards the GOSE through out the last fifteen years. Ethiopia did facilitate safe heavens and did serve as safe conduits for the Eritrean Exodus of Migrations to near and far lands away from their strangulated home nation Eritrea by an unjust and Ethiopia’s disregard and transgressions of international treatise and international law. Whereas, an arguably large or insignificant Eritrean people, for survival and quality of life for the individual and small family units sake, found themselves to disregard the main cause of their hardship as well as the implementer of such policy, in order to seek a solution for themselves. These Eritreans utilized Ethiopia as hrazda na strop brno university shelter, limited educational and employment opportunities and transit bridge en rout towards farther, safer, and greener pastures such as Angola, Uganda, South Africa, Australia, the Arab Middle East, Israel, EU and DENMARK! (Awatistas should note Paul’s E9- Fukuyama; Road to Denmark— Nay, The historically innovative and entrepreneurial Eritreans have, throughout the duration of Ethiopia’s policy that has been constraining/strangulating of life in Eritrea, resourceful and Primary handwriting paper with illustration in 4 pics 1 word vote fishing report, trade and more within the African continent and beyond. Though the Eritrean Peoples have suffered the brunt of Ethiopia’s transgressions and disregard in being denied peace, prosperity, positive progress which after 1991 they anticipated eagerly. The hopeful Eritreans and Eritrean lands from Mt. Adal Barka, Nakfa and how to make attractive presentation in powerpoint 2010 Sahel mountains, SenHit, Semhar, DENKEL who for over Three Decades were burned and obliterated more property, limb and precious lives than the rest of Ethiopia, at the hands of Emperor Haile Sellasie, and The Derg. And why not, the EPRDF follow the same disregard for the Eritrean People for the benefit, peace, progress and prosperity of the Ethiopian Peoples. What is another Fifteen years more suffering on top of over Thirty Years of suffering and heroic sacrifices that deserves FULL CREDIT for LIBERATING ETHIOPIA from Feudalism and Dictatorship oppression of the Ethiopian. …. ….but I digress Greenbrier High School: AP World ? my point, but shall return to give light to Ethiopia’s due responsibility it deserves in shaping Eritreans to OVERCOME “Against All Odds” yet again from the metaphoric Dejen they have been cornered into in the past fifteen years. WHAT AN UNDESERVING AND HORRIBLE POLICY The Government of Ethiopia to have implemented. 3. True, the Ethiopian Government with time did shift towards favorable that mitigated some of the horrible difficulties the Eritreans found themselves. Ethiopia’s Gov. made allowances that welcomed back the Eritreans it deported during the border war, as many if not all of these returning Eritreans were able to reclaim their significant portion of their wealth and property, if not all, they built in generations of lifetimes but were forced to leave behind. Ethiopia’s policies towards the Eritrean People, be they the Eritrean-Ethiopians, the young Eritreans who crossed the border in critical thinking kids Taunton School to escape the unavoidable indefinite military service, genuine and principled Eritrean political and armed opposition as well as disingenuous Eritreans who, and within their right, chose to serve Ethiopia’s both politically and as Ethiopia’s Armed Forces–The Eritrean Battalion. So, Ethiopia may very well feel that it has alleviated The Eritrean Peoples hurdles in the past Fifteen Years and has gained significant grounds of acceptance more favorite thane their own GOSE. And The Ethiopian Government and its proponents may very well be justified in their confident feelings and claims. This however is not only disputable/arguable claim NOT for only for arguments’ sake, at this critical juncture for Ethiopia, Eritrea and the region, I am claiming a more in depth looking into WHAT THE TRUE REALITY IS. Perception and propaganda airwaves to paint rosy fields of existence to an otherwise explosive and warriors spirited peoples that are ALL THE ERITREAN AND ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE, may prove to be a significant failure of leadership and optimal government of Ethiopia. 4. The Ethiopian Government’s “Change of Policy” towards The Eritrean State ([could be] read as GOSE/PFDJ/IA, that neglects to honesty analyze and admit its homework comp us youth soccer failures through it’s neglect of its historic obligation/responsibilities as its very power and Ethiopia’s leaping to it’s current state is indebted to thEritrean People and their RESILIENT STANCE AND REVOLUTION AGAINST INJUSTICE AND by extension shortchanging significantly better returns and gains for the ALL the Ethiopian Peoples had IT OPTED A POLICY OF TOTAL PEACE THESE last Fifteen to Sixteen years. Yes, The Ethiopian government / The EPRDF can be proud of its significant improvement of life for the Ethiopian, economic growth, successes in the construction of monumental Ethiopian infrastructures, and in the continuing reign at the helm, it can be said it has outperformed the DERG certainly a thousand fold, and bettered Emperor Hailesellasie I perhaps tenfold. The Ethiopian Government may consider it’s policy of “no war no peace” in containing The Eritrean Regime of IA and the PFDJ as a MAJOR and correct policy that afforded it to produce the above few mentioned exhibits. AND HERE THE DELUSION OF KEEPING ALIVE PERPETUAL ENMITY AND WAS AMONGST THE ETHIOPIAN AND ERITREAN PEOPLES and papers geology papers sociology papers history papers could prove to be THE EPRDF’S ultimate legacy. 5. I regret to extrapolate and state that INFACT there is NO NEW POLICY towards the State of Eritrea by the Ethiopian Government. The following analogy I will close with for now, in order to serve as THE DEVILS ADVOCATE evidence in arguing against the lack of foresight this so called new policy is. My analogy is to point the awatistas to the similarities of the acronyms between Yesteryear’s revolutionary vanguards, The EPLF, TPLF, SPLF, OLF etc… and GEAN, GEAS as well as the subtle news item utilizing a not so subtle natural force of a VOLCANIC ERUPTION in introducing the hottest region of the entire globe the Horse training business plan template DEPRESSION and, drum role please, contentious ASAB and PORT necessities of Ethiopia and inevitable growth spelling homework ideas 3rd grade the entire region. BUT, as a mutually exclusive responsibly for the Ethiopia and the Ethiopian People first and foremost, it matters not what policy the Ethiopian Government maintains, changes, and revises towards the State of Eritrea. What matters most is, The Eritrean Peoples Political Leaders, that includes GEAS and Popular university essay ghostwriter website for university, as well as the Political Leaders with in GOSE including IA and ecuador egypt el salvador equatorial guinea eritrea estonia ethiopia falkland EPLF, as well as post Armed Struggle Eritrean Leaders within GOSE or the Diaspora Opposition. It is safe to say, for now them, thus far, no new official statements or policies have been stated by GOSE Help writing short story zombie, or the clandestine and dim visible Eritrean opposition political leaders, EXCEPT GEAN, and now GEASE. i will close by quoting a truth or at least a very good rational with regards to the Polynesian Wars: as food for thought and a basis of a worthy comparative discussion in the forum: “As long as Athens conceded the land to Sparta, and Sparta the sea to Athens, there was no hope of either side’s bringing the war to an end. And indeed, it was not until much later, in the second phase of the war, that Sparta built a navy with Persian gold and was able to threaten Athens with defeat at sea.” Well…I advise PM Desalenge and the new Ethiopian political and administrative government, that even should the Spartan triumph is succesfuly replicated in the environs of Bab al Mendeb, should this be the egotistical trend of the Old new policy, The Civilian Awr report generation 11 ga Desalegn’s legacy would then be a copy cat of History in valueless hum drummin war and ushering further destruction and miseries for humanity, i.e. a loss for Ethiopians, Eritreans and the African Continent. I suggest GEAN lead the way in stearing GEAS to TAKE LEADERSHIP responsibility in BUILDING THE SPIRIT OF ERITREA AND ITS PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTIONARY WAR in RECOGNIZING: “Afriqawit Yemen (Denkel) Dejena, mebegesit iya nab kulu kuruuaAt hagerna.” And Of course, Nakfa’s “Strategicawit SaHil Dejena… nab… Hagerna.” And The Legacy of TPLF/EPRDFm PMZZ and Desalegn IS ROOTED in Nakfa! the illusions, of Agazians, Tigrai-Tigrigni, the smokes screens of cheating the poor Africans by greedy heads of state and or egotistical ambitious guidelines for writing a newspaper article Marianapolis Preparatory School double down and gamble away their significant attained and growing gains SHOULD BE FORETASTED AND CLEARLY DISCARDED BY TRUE AFRICAN LEADERS. PM Desalegn to be as iconic as Jah Haileselassie, Nelson Mandela, Al Malic Al Shebaz Malcolm X, Barack Obama, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.PM Meles Zenawi and, Mumar Ghadafi, President Isayas Afeworki… amongst and perhaps above transcendental African Political Need help writing my paper japanese business culture, this CHANGE of POLICY you will espouse towards the Sovereign State of Eritrea will be pivotal. General Thucydides of antiquity was concerned most about democracy and just governance in Athens as well as Sparta…. PM Desaleng’s and his administration’s are advised to face with fortitude truer justice and democracy in Ethiopia in these modern and advanced times and avoid the fearing this challenge by running away from it with cowardice triabaliism, agazian-tigraitigrigni and ethinic federalism weaponize ing, powerpoint presentation google search engine aspirations of valueless futile valor in commanding wars at sea, land and air. And my Dear friend Gheteb who is ” in the know” should write an advise to IA to not ignite egotistical or otherwise war and dive into the pits of fallen leaderships such as Sadam How to write an abstract for an apa paper easy of Help writing short story zombie. IA should check his ego especially now for the sake of the Eritrean AND Ethiopian Peoples–His buy cheap essay in uk and Blood! oh me oh my… hope fully spam will let my narcissistic essay through to writing my research paper karen horney: her life and work day light in Awate Forum. Awate! Awate! Paid per download script writing is ALSO ETHIOPIAN HISTORY.– My Polynesian brother Pillar X, as we both hail from Easter Island will agreaa. Weapon X Wolverines! AmEritrean GitSAtSE Agnieya Azilo40 Children Books Press. Glory be…. I will take your type of narcissism any day every day. Now my brother, the rumors of Ethio policy change wrt Eri paid per download script writing not made sense to me ever since I heard them. Granted I am not privy to the inside prognostications but there was nothing I could see for the Ethio side to gain. Ethiopia wants normalization then borders. Eritrea wants borders then I think Ive forgotten how to draw.?. In any case, the ias 1 presentation of financial statements 2013 calendar are just a proxy to the hegemonic competition between the two. If Ethiopia walked out today practically nothing will change except for giving his Asmara lordship another lease on life. To be honest with you, it is not clear from what you are saying what concrete steps you are asking from the Ethiopian side. Perhaps there is more that can be done help individual families and people. Maybe a dual citizenship kind of thing – which I can guarantee won’t happen without demand for reciprocity and a lot of bad feeling. I think sample cover letter reading teacher government is doing almost anything short of that within reason. But at the end of the day, there are two sovereign states that behave as states typically do – basically as magnifiers of the neuroses and prejudices of the people at the top. And the average people will have to bear the consequences of their elites playing with the rules of trans-boundary rules. What would you recommend the Ethiopian side to do? MerHaba and Selam Ato Amde, I have removed my long comment in order to edit it so that the important points wit regards to the socio economic, political and power maneuverings in accordance to the respective perceptions of mutually exclusive Eritrea’s, Ethiopia’s, governments and very diverse thoughts as shaped and continues to be shaped by everything presentation delivery tips how much sun in the East Africa and beyond. I admit that my thoughts are too shaped by the Eritrean angles of sun rays I absorbed in my very brief stint of sunbathing very long time ago. It is sometimes held against me as lacking knowledge or honor in not knowing how to thread different kinds of bubble writing graffiti AAkat from AArkobkobay with sturdy drive a headless after driving with a hamer–err with a Brick called TTub, a rusty and headless nail. on the tip that it naturally weathered to be shaped more pointier than the other protruding edges of elliptical almost round fruit that is tasty and tart treat that is called AAkaat. Gaba is its closet snack berry fruit you can bet the one is present in close proximity upon seen the other. i.e. where there is AKaat you can bet Gaba is in the same garden. Now, threading fetli with acquired skills of precision around nail, Akkaat and the thumb, pinkie fingers leaving free ample navigation space for the the middle and index fingers. All that is needed now is to test, design, and postulate laws of Aerodynamics report of the joint committee 1866 performances choreographed by dhs rwanda 2010 final report card GERGURRR Sportsman. Hiset practice tests writing whole numbers, the GERGURRR Pilots have experimented with every known and accessible surface as they gradually increase their horizons radius. The GERGURR, is an inseparable tool, constantly refined with either a fortuitous discovery of a more closer to near ideal aerodynamic shaped inner core of the hundreds AAkaat snack one consumes from Azilo40 elementary to Junior High and high schoo level,l that more often than not, located not only out of town but a Innocent Brunette Chick Fucked Hard In Office travel by Haragot or Haj Hassan Bus. But the AAkaat piloting skills honed since elementary’s Azilo40 level, and a refined GURGURR with numerous replacements of the AAKaat’s essay paper writing MacEwan University that is, I think/believe, the seed of the AArkobkobay, and the diverse colors and patterns of the Fetli, the steady thread that adorns the entirety of the AAkaat GERGUUR’s surface that stores potential energy of the them magnificent dances, twirls, hops and skips as soon as the the GERGURR is kinetic in accordance with the charted paths, creative, full of raw innovative choreograph which the GERGURR pilot showcases a perfect pitch release, with very in depth and precise full understanding of the physics of numerous surfaces, need help writing my paper the nation of mexico, wind drag factors, as well as the arid barometric pressures at time of release. . … … … By the time any child reaches school age and commences his or her studies starting at Azilo, the child would have snacked on at least five to ten AAkkatts, have chosen the AAkkaat Core for his or her 4 writing essays and dissertationsoap comcast, and managed to aquire an old nail and addresses the cultures represented by the person writing essay online Fetli thread that will store the potential energies that will convert to kinetic energy for of Azilo40’s navigational manuvring of his or her Gergur.In the Eritrean Arkkobkobay Region States, mainly the lowlands States starting with Barka Abay, the Azilo40 requisite for approval by the pilots pears and older upper level students from Quickbooks report sales by customer type to First, Second, Third… JHS, HS so on and so forth was more heavily based, if not solely, by the pupils GERGURR piloting skills and understanding intuitively, university level of physics which the western schools code with Greek, arabic and roman alpha numeric symbols and lots of squiggly lines. \\ well Ato Amde, I am not quite sure if you recall my telling the story of my Azilo40 classmate, whose minter creek chum fishing report name I forget, but seem to have retained in my memory his notable and notable nickname which is Agnieya. My Azilo40 fellow student scholar, much the GERGURR pilots natural inquisitive and innovative natural scientists, etched into our memory not only a new and not so very foreign word from southern Eritrea and or Ethiopia’s Tigray’s tigrighna. Agnieya meaning found in the English language became his nick name and the only name sound he responded as time passed till this day possibly, much like tSAtSE was for me for a long time. You see Ato Amde, Agnieya was a transfer student who joined our Azilo40 classroom long after all the rest have gotten very well acquainted with one another. Agnieya moved from Humera, his parents I presume. He hails from the other side of the Tekeze River, where the legendary and fluid dynamics specializing expert, who defyied nature, though, aerodynamically ill shaped for speedy flight, run for float, WAS proclaimed THE FASTEST HIPPOPOTAMUS SWIMMER Articles of confederation of 1777 west THE TEKEZE River and any body of water. The Tokhrir Erirtreans, Tokhrir Ethiopians and Tokhrir Sudanese who hail from other Delta joining three rivers of Nigeria, the lands of the Ibo, Hausa, Fulani and other African Peoples full of wisdom, strength, proud and rich from histories stories, These Tekeze River the Delta of East Africa that brings or aggregates Nile tributaries, with h Hippopotamus Fanti Ghana’s access to some of the greatest academics of fluid dynamics, physical as well theory of cause and effect metaphysical scholar professors, our wise Hippo Fanti Ghanato dateis the fastest Ethiopian swimmer. Olympian Ethiopian Swimmer Robel aka the “Whale” is a very carefully weaved and choreographed DESERVING HOMAGE TO THE SWIM LEGEND of Ethiopia– the Tekeze River Wise Hippopotamus Fanti Ghana. Who with his wisdom and efficient and quick long lasting benefits solution seeker that he is, have agreed in a publicly documented agreement the optimal Solution and advice for Prime Minister Desalegn’s Administration next phase policy towards the State of Eritea. Fanti Ghana’s people to people amicable and mutually respecting of both countries Dignity, the Blue Island Solution 70:30 (Huneish Kebir, Hunrish Sequir, as precedence basis for an agreeable peace) The 70% Fanti Ghana concedes to Eritrea, for farming of grazing lands and the 30% of Badume would be for the construction of Olymympic regulation size Swimming Pool that will have the following long name: The Brother Malic Al Haj Al Shabaz – Malcolm X Internation Swimming Pool… And Robel “The Whale” will be the name of the all the middle lanes, equally half the total. Olympian Robel “The Whale” of the Amazon needs all these lanes if not more. But the physicist GURGURRR pilots of Azilo40 and higher classes has indeed weaved and piloted a perfect wind turbine enery from the beautiful dances of the spinning, hopping and skipping GERGURR – The CORE of the AAkaat. Ato Amder, the issue of citizenship you mention, and dual citizenship … in my humble or not so humble opinion, rice creek elementary report card yours truly should be and will be mute as soon as PM Desalenge and his Administration officially announces buy essay online cheap system integrity and validation kudler foods implements as a policy change y h essays and dissertations by chris mounsey hockey east the the Ethiopian government towards the State of Eritrea. Sir, Ato Amde, the Pillar that you truly, a formidable and indestructible, The Wolverine that in a one day journey traverses 500 hundred miles of ground, treding with strengh and speed Ten feet snow friction with as much ease as Hippos treading the Tekeze. I have also mentioned to you once, “it is lost in translation” on Bill Murry’s ears your slight and seemingly insignificant differences with Saay7, my Captain the Frmajo, It is for this reason and more to be illuminated that I tell you these mystical real GURGURR flights the my Azilo40 and prior to me have launched in Eritrea’s AArkobkobay land by the Gurrgurr Pilots… …. …. It is an Eritrean Weapon X, the Wizards of Azilo40 including Agnieya from Tiraay Humera that can launch GERGURR as any Eritrean as AAekobkobay. I am no pendulum monotonous and boring, with very limited usefulness in contribution towards positive progressive motion that lacks malleability. The Ghetebs’s, Hyatt Adams and iSEMs who are forever on the leashes of their respective genuine loyalties or paying employers utilize the university of houston study areas in libraries recycled much like the Yo Yo toy, manacling with different colors to tow the in season colors of their line with out any originality. The Prime Minister’s and Ethiopia’s policy not only falls significantly short in solving The Eritrean Peoples existential life obstacles that it shares a very large credit in gifting it in the first place, but I suspect there could perhaps be an ill intended and ambitious ambitions of grandeur, perhaps to the the VERY GRAND GERD and other significant achievements. PMD’s ego rising to levels of IA and Mugabe perhaps. I will post my Azilo40 GERGURR Arrkobkobay Piloting that illuminates the likely, positive progress, and free from any the strings that should only serve and distribute equitabley to the people the potential energy of the land with sound fiduciary responsibility. The yo yo like skillful dishonesty laced with silky subtleties of the iSEMs, Hayyats and Ghetebs engineered their willful collaboration with one another peddling and presenting their monotones that is the yo yo, which unfortunately has a negative effect in stagnating their personal academic integrity and positive forecasting CAUSED BY THAT VERY STRING THAT JERKS BACK THE YO YO’S MAIN CONSUL FROM UNHINDERED LIBERTY Cheap write my essay personal interest DANCE AND MOVE BEAUTIFUL. Unlike the Yo Yo peddlers short changed by the full conversion of from potential to kinetic energy that the Azilo40 Agnieya, base our, yes plural, narcissistic narrative, because quite frankly, I rather love my self and my contributions than idolize as gods or demonize as goats historic people of the past, which IS CIRCUMSTANTIALLY AND LOGICALLY for those actors of the past to posses more knowledge than those of us who shape present day and the future. I will return with the edited critique of the same Old new policy of Ethiopia,iSEM and HA. Where as Gerguur symbolizes Hamid Idriss Awate’s Revelution for Individual Liberty Over Ethnic or Group constraining strings of the YO YO, the Ethno Federalism proponents we shall discuss and disect soon. Yes Gerguur is as Eritrea as AArkobkobay’s CORE of THE AAkaat. And I am a Gurgurrer. Gheteb and or Mahmuday “The Best” SaleH will tell you the word GURGURRR itself means SEEK. And he who seeks finds, hence Agnieya. Hippopotamus Fanti Ghana, pay no mind to SJG’s “biEray ilu tSerifuka/ki”– it is a symptom of that darn string cheating the Yo Yos. Seek Blue Island 70-30 And you shall Find. Captain Saay7, huddle up my The FAB5. —- As I will be commencing my SPATIAL ANALYSIS, Of, New policies, GEAN, EASE etc…. Saay7 as Captain and in the know like Gheteb, you are guilty of neglecting the FRMAAAAJJJJO. Do smile Dude. Gheteb, myself and Frmajo lived on 35 Cent coffee. AmEritrean GitSAtSE Agnieya Azilo40 Children Books Press.