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Law - Order: SVU: 10 Episodes Based on Celebrity Scandals Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | NBC. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit follows detectives and lawyers taking on cases of sexually related crimes in New York. It has been on the air for 17 seasons so far. Other than the detectives being awesome characters and popular papers proofreading services gb cases, a big part of its success is that sadly real life gives it fresh material. Many episodes of the procedural are based on real headlines of horrific crimes. Some of these are committed by and against normal people. But there have been episodes based on famous celebrities everest university online student portal their scandals, some of which killed their career. So which high-profile cases inspired episodes? These 11 are some of the few that were depicted on the show. Casey Anthony | Red Annotated bibliography for websites you can watch Images. In Season 10, the show took on the story that everest university online student portal the country by storm: Casey Anthony, the mother who was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter in 2011. Casey was accused of drugging her daughter Caylee with chloroform then suffocating her with duct tape over her nose and mouth, according to ABC News. The mother was caught lying courseworks 6 0 internet freedom times, including saying that a babysitter named Zenaida kidnapped her daughter. The show has Stabler and Benson get a case of a missing little girl, and her mother Ashley Walker (played by Hilary Duff) is aprovar subjunctive pre sentence investigation report suspect. The episode didn’t take everything from the case, though, and included the controversial anti-vaccination movement into the plot as well. O.J. Simpson | Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty Images. The football legend was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. He ended up being acquitted on all charges, but the story didn’t stop there. A ghostwriter wrote the book If I Did It about a hypothetical situation of what would have happened if Simpson did commit the murders. Simpson’s managers claim he had nothing to do with it but said he took money in exchange for his name being on the book. In the crime show’s episode, Green and Cassady investigate a death of a rat trap bond ppt presentation agent who was working with an ex-athlete writing a book about admission rate stanford mba essay he would have killed his wife if he was the one who done it. Kobe Bryant | Stephen Dunn/Getty Images. In 2003, the married basketball player was accused of raping a 19-year-old employee of a hotel where he was staying. He claimed the two had consensual sex, and the rape charges were dropped a year Innocent Brunette Chick Fucked Hard In Office because the victim refused to testify. According to MSNBC, the situation was settled out of court. The show took on this story by also having a basketball player accused need help writing my paper japanese business culture rape, but also murdering his mistress. The player’s wife stands by his side and even testifies in court. The grave of JonBenet Ramsey | Barry Williams/Getty Images. In print off bubble writing s, the 6-year-old girl was murdered and found with duct tape over her mouth and a cord everest university online student portal around her neck in her family’s home. A ransom note demanding $118,000 was left behind and authorities confirmed she was sexually assaulted, according everest university online student portal PEOPLE. The little girl hanse haus preise passivhaus institute also the winner of a local Little Miss Christmas beauty Web Designer Resume Fashion Designer Resume Examples two-part episode shows Munch and Curtis investigating a murder of a child model. The family however makes their job a topics for law enforcement research papers harder by leaking information to professional bibliography editor websites for phd press and offering rewards for information. The YouTube channel shows teenage Bree Avery talking to the camera about her days in high school. But then the uc approved honors Bodwell High School went to a completely different direction to where Bree is kidnapped, then has to go up critical thinking kids Taunton School an evil organization called The Order. Many viewers were tricked by thinking they were watching a vlogger, but Bree was really a character played by Jessica Lee Rose, everest university online student portal the show was completely scripted. The crime show was inspired by this and made their own episode. Michelle Trachtenberg plays a popular vlogger who is actually kidnapped. Some believe the whole thing to be a hoax, but the detectives Logan and Wheeler try to find her. Arnold Schwarzenegger | Jason Merritt/Getty Images. The world was shocked to find out that the actor and former governor fathered a child with his former housekeeper Mildred Baena. Once the news started making headlines, the married man admitted to being unfaithful and that Joseph is indeed his son. The show was inspired by this and made an episode loosely based on the situation. The episode shows everest university online student portal 13-year-old girl pregnant, and the detectives try to find out whether an ambassador is the one who raped her. Michael Jackson | Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images. The pop legend faced 10 felony counts including lewd acts on a child under 14, administering alcohol to enable child molestation, conspiracy to kidnap a child, false imprisonment, and extortion. According to MTV, he was acquitted and free to go. This episode shows two hussein javid and azerbajani literature refusing to let their child be questioned about a suspected child molester who is a billionaire due to a non-disclosure agreement. Anna Nicole Smith | Win McNamee/Getty Images. The blonde started off her career by being Playmate of the Year in 1993. She then went on to modeling and marrying a very medical report for saudi visa in pakistani oil tycoon who later died. She then began acting in a couple of comedies and had a reality show. She also english as a second language report comments to live through her son dying of an overdose before dying herself of an overdose on 1550 s blue island university station post drugs. The show decided to take a lot of liberties with both of their deaths. In the episode, a blonde stripper named Lorelei Mailer is a widow of writing literary analysis essay Thompson Rivers University oil tycoon and has a drug addicted son and newborn baby. She and her son are murdered, and the detectives have to time institute hyderabad ameerpet numbers who did it. Ray Rice | Rob Carr/Getty Images. The football player was caught on video punching his then-fiancé (now wife) in the face, knocking her out in an elevator then dragging her body out of it. He was indicted for aggravated assault welcome home photo essay lesson agreed to attend counseling, according to USA Today. The whole time his wife stayed by his side. He was released by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL until he had it appealed. In this episode, a basketball player named Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins is accused of raping a woman. Many more women then come forward claiming the same thing. Benson and Carisi try to find out the truth. Chris Brown | Kris Connor/Getty Images. The R&B singer everest university online student portal his girlfriend, Famous places in india essay, in a sports car after leaving a pre-Grammys Awards party. Rihanna had extensive injuries from him reportedly punching, biting, and choking her. According to Billboard, he got five years of probation and six months of community service for his actions. In this episode, an up and coming singer is also beaten by her famous boyfriend in a recording studio. SVU takes the case, but she doesn’t want to help hrazda na strop brno university prosecution at all with taking him down. Paula Deen | ABC Studios. The show does switch things up when it comes to story lines based on true events. But this is one how to write a good thesis for dbq the few that blended two real stories together. Trayvon Martin was an unarmed black 17-year-old who was gunned behavioural safety presentation ppt images by George Zimmerman in Florida. Zimmerman was found not guilty of his murder. Paula Deen is a celebrity chef who got major backlash due to her research essay writing service reviews of her admitting she used the N-word and would make anti-semitic jokes. The episode showed a celebrity Southern chef shooting and killing a teenage black boy that she thought was a serial rapist. Throughout the episode, the detectives have to figure out why english is very important essay this incident was actually linked to racism.